Dhaka Board SSC Result 2024

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2023. The SSC exam in Bangladesh is undoubtedly a highly important one in terms of public exams. After a long delay due to post COVID situation and sudden floods in several parts of Bangladesh, the SSC exam was held a few days ago. In total, 20 lacs 21 thousand 868 students took part in SSC 2023 and the exam was taken on a short syllabus due to the lack of number of classes taken. Now, it is time for the SSC result and the result will be published soon. Here in the article, we will focus on that and a special focus will be given on Dhaka Board SSC Result 2023. Please, continue reading the article on our site and keep visiting us on this website as we will let you know all the relevant updates here. Dhaka Board SSC Result 2022

When Will SSC Result 2023 be Published?

Earlier, the SSC exam was started on September 15, this year. The exam was continued till October 15, 2023, and till then a number of students are now looking forward with a view to getting the result The result generally gets published within the next sixty days after the completion of the exam. But this time it will be published a bit earlier. The approximate date of SSC result 2023 is any day between November 27 to December 1, this year. The authority concerned has opined that the exam result will be published within this dateline and the honorable prime minister of Bangladesh will issue the permission and the result will come to light in accordance with that. How to Get SSC Result 2023 or Dhaka Board SSC Result Online? The result can be obtained using the website of the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. Just follow the steps:
  • Visit
  • Select the SSC/Dakhil option from the Examination dropdown.
  • After that select year 2023 and select your Board. For the Dhaka Board result, select Dhaka from the list.
  • Put your roll number and registration number.
  • Solve the simple math and hit Submit.
  • Hit Reset if you want to enter the information again in case there is any mistake.
The result with every detail will be appeared on your screen and by this, you will be able to know your desired SSC result of 2023.

How to Get SSC Result 2023 by Mobile SMS?

The result of SSC 2023 can also be obtained by mobile SMS. There is a specific format for this and the format is written below: SSC<space>First Three Letters of Board <space> Roll number <space> 2023 and send it to 16222. For the Dhaka board result of 2023, the format will be: SSC DHA 12345 2023 And sent to 16222. The result will appear by a mobile SMS in your device and you will be able to know following this way. To get all the information on SSC result 2023 or Dhaka Board 2023 SSC result, please bookmark our site and visit on a regular basis as we will let you know all the updates. Stay connected and stay informed.
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