Dental Hygiene Schools In California

Dental hygiene schools in California offer students a chance to pursue a career in the dental field. With curriculum ranging from patient care and lab studies to community health, the programs are designed to equip graduates with the skill sets necessary to excel in their roles as dental hygienists.

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1. Dental Hygiene Schools
Dental Hygiene SchoolsDental Hygiene Schools · Cabrillo College · Carrington College Sacramento · Carrington College San Jose · Cerritos College · Chabot College · Concorde Career College

2. California Registered Dental ... - Dental Hygiene Board of California

7. Dental Hygiene Degree Program in California
Dental Hygiene Degree Program in CaliforniaIn search of dental hygiene programs in California? Earn an AS degree in Dental Hygiene at our schools in Ontario and Visalia, CA.

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  • What type of degree can I earn at a dental hygiene school?

    Most dental hygiene schools offer either an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Depending on the school, some may also offer a diploma program or certificate courses.

    Are there any prerequisite courses that need to be taken before enrolling?

    Most programs will require applicants to have completed specific prerequisite courses such as Biology, Chemistry and Psychology prior to starting their program. Some schools may also require potential students to take an entrance exam.

    How long do these programs usually take?

    Programs offered at dental hygiene schools vary depending on the type of degree you are pursuing, but most typically range from two-years for an associate’s degree up to four years for a bachelor’s degree.

    What types of careers can I pursue after graduating from one of these programs?

    After graduating from a dental hygiene program in California, graduates can pursue careers as clinical hygienists, researchers, educators, clinical assistants and many more related positions within the dental field.

    Are there any financial aid options available for applicants?

    Yes! Many students are able to finance their education through scholarships and grants that are available through their chosen institution or outside organizations like the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA). Additionally, some schools may also offer tuition payment plans or other forms of assistance.

    Dental hygiene schools in California provide students with invaluable educational opportunities that enable them achieve success in the ever-growing field of dentistry. By researching each institution's offerings thoroughly, prospective students will be well prepared when making their decision about which school is right for them.

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