Dental Hygiene Programs California

By Arif R Rahman

Dental hygiene programs in California are designed to provide individuals with the education and skillset needed to become a licensed dental hygienist. These programs consist of classroom instruction, as well as clinical experience in a real healthcare setting. By completing one of these programs, students will be able to start their career as a dental hygienist.

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1. Dental Hygiene Schools
Dental Hygiene SchoolsDental Hygiene Schools · Cabrillo College · Carrington College Sacramento · Carrington College San Jose · Cerritos College · Chabot College · Concorde Career College

2. California Registered Dental ... - Dental Hygiene Board of California

7. Dental Hygiene Degree Program in California
Dental Hygiene Degree Program in CaliforniaIn search of dental hygiene programs in California? Earn an AS degree in Dental Hygiene at our schools in Ontario and Visalia, CA.

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  • What will I learn in a dental hygiene program?

    A dental hygiene program focuses on providing the necessary skills and knowledge for individuals to become a licensed dental hygienist. Courses may include topics such as physiology, histology, pathology, nutrition, radiography, periodontology and general dentistry. Clinical practice will also be included in the curriculum for hands-on experience.

    Is there an age limit for enrollment?

    Most schools require that applicants are at least 18 years old before they can enroll in the program. However, some programs may have different requirements depending on the school or college that offers them.

    How long is a dental hygiene program?

    Generally it takes two years to complete an associate's degree program; however, each school varies in terms of length of program and graduation requirements. Be sure to check with your individual school or college for specifics.

    What type of certification do I need after graduation?

    After graduating from an accredited program, individuals must pass a written exam administered by either the California State Board of Dental Examiners or Dental Hygiene National Board (DHNB). Once certified with one of these organizations, you can apply for state licensure.

    Are there any financial aid options available for these programs?

    Yes! Financial aid is available through grants and loans from federal and state sources to help students pay for tuition and other related expenses while enrolled in an accredited program. Additionally, many schools offer scholarships specifically designed for students entering into dental hygiene programs.

    Completing a dental hygiene program is an excellent way to join the rapidly growing field of oral health professions as a licensed professional hygienist working alongside dentists across California’s diverse range of communities. With proper training from an accredited institution and licensure through either the DHNB or State Board of Dental Examiners in hand, you are ready to begin your journey as a professional dental hygienist!


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