3 Credit Courses For Teachers Online

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

This 3 credit course for teachers online is designed to help teachers develop the skills and knowledge they need to make a lasting impact in the classroom. Through an engaging self-paced curriculum, experienced instructors provide support and feedback as students create lesson plans and develop strategies to evaluate student performance.

Table Of Content:

3. Credits for Teachers: K12 Online Professional Development Courses
Credits for Teachers: K12 Online Professional Development CoursesK12 Teachers: Grad-level professional development courses for your continuing education units, salary advancement credits or license renewal.

6. Continuing Education Credits for Teachers | Teacher Courses
3 Grad Credits. $199.00. Continuing Education. View · Classroom Management for Online Learning. $249.00. 1 Grad Credit. $99.00. Continuing Education.

10. Ashland University Online Continuing Education Courses for Teachers
Ashland University Online Continuing Education Courses for TeachersNote: It is recommended that the Reading Fundamentals courses be taken sequentially; however, it is not mandatory that all three courses be taken. Description.

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  • What types of topics are covered in this course?

    This course covers topics such as lesson planning, assessments, differentiated learning, classroom management, behavior management, inclusion and diversity, special education needs, and crisis management.

    How will completion of this course benefit teachers?

    Completion of this course can provide significant benefits to teachers as they gain enhanced understanding of effective teaching principles that will enable them to create successful learning experiences for their students. Additionally, by successfully completing the course requirements, teachers may be eligible for state licensure or continuing education credits.

    Does this course offer any support for instructors?

    Yes! Qualified instructors provide ongoing support through virtual office hours and one-on-one consultation sessions via video chat.

    This 3 credit online course is an excellent opportunity for teachers who are looking to gain new insights into effective teaching techniques while receiving personalized guidance from experienced instructors along the way. By enrolling in this comprehensive program, teachers have the potential to strengthen their professional practice while also potentially gaining licensure or continuing education credits.

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