Technical Program Manager Google Salary

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

Google’s Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a management role that brings technology and product teams together to drive projects forward. The Technical Program Manager salary at Google is highly competitive, reflecting the complexity of the job and its importance to the company’s success. In addition to offering an attractive salary, Google also provides its employees with various benefits and perks.

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  • What is the typical salary of a Google TPM?

    The median base salary for a Google Technical Program Manager is $172,454 USD per year. However, there are many factors that can affect the actual amount an individual earns such as location, experience level, performance reviews and negotiation skills.

    What types of benefits does Google offer?

    In addition to offering competitive salaries, Google also provides its employees with a wide range of additional benefits including health insurance coverage, a variety of retirement plans, free meals for employees working onsite and access to on-site fitness centers.

    Is there potential for growth within this role?

    Yes, there is potential for growth within this role. To advance in the position requires individuals to demonstrate strong leadership skills as well as excellent program planning and project management abilities.

    Are there opportunities for learning and development at Google?

    Absolutely! At Google there are numerous opportunities available for learning and development. Such opportunities can include attending workshops or seminars organized by the company or participating in external conferences or courses focused on professional development related topics.

    Working as a Google Technical Program Manager is an exciting opportunity that offers great rewards both financial and otherwise. It is important to consider all aspects before applying though – from the salary package offered right through to learning opportunities available – so you can make sure that it would be the right fit both professionally and personally.

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