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By Arif R Rahman

There are several options available to those interested in increasing their options for success at business school. One of those is to convert your GRE score to a GMAT score, as they are both aptitude tests used to assess the abilities of prospective business students. This article will provide an explanation of the GRE to GMAT conversion process and answer some related FAQs.

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  • How is the GRE to GMAT conversion typically done?

    Generally speaking, there are two main approaches for converting a GRE score into an equivalent GMAT score. The first approach involves trying to determine how other applicants who achieved similar GRE scores did on their GMAT exams. The second approach involves using a numerical calculation based on the raw scoring system of each exam in order to estimate the likely outcome if you took the GMAT.

    Is it possible for universities to accept either exam?

    Yes, many institutions do accept either exam as part of their admissions process, so it’s worth checking with individual schools about which test they prefer or require. You may also find that universities have different cut-off points when it comes to minimum scores needed for admission.

    Are all sections equally weighted when converting?

    Yes, when converting from one score type to another all sections are weighed equally and no deductions or bonuses are applied in favor of any particular area. This means that your academic background is not considered during the conversion process.

    Are there any limitations on who can convert their scores?

    Examiners advise that people must have taken both tests within five years in order for conversions between them to be valid; otherwise, information regarding how comparable scores interact may be out of date due to changing standards or updated rater scales. Additionally, some exams (including GMAT and GRE) allow only limited attempts from those wishing to retake them - this should be considered before attempting multiple conversions over time.

    What other considerations need taken into account during conversion?

    It’s important for test-takers considering conversions between these two exams remember that official guidance suggests that no set formula exists for accurate results; caution should be taken when predicting results due to potential variances between scoring systems and subject matter covered by each exam type over time. Additionally, some schools may still prefer one version over another depending on needs and selection criteria employed by each institution - therefore more information research should always be undertaken prior decisions being made regarding which test a student choose take themselves or attempt relationships between outcomes made up of varying versions across time intervals.

    Converting a GRE score into its equivalent GMAT score offers students greater breadth when choosing business programmes as part of their future career paths; however accuracy cannot always be guaranteed due care needs taking when assuming equivalencies between these aptitude tests due changes made across timescales and varying demands among different educational institutions worldwide.


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