Georgetown Masters In Real Estate

By Arif R Rahman

Georgetown University offers a Masters in Real Estate program, providing students with the business knowledge and skills to take on leadership positions in real estate markets. From financial analysis to acquisition strategies, the degree program helps real estate professionals expand their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

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  • What types of degrees are offered?

    Georgetown offers a full-time Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate (MPSRE), as well as an Executive Master’s in Real Estate (EMRE). Both degrees provide comprehensive education including courses in risk management, economic analysis, development feasibility studies and more.

    Who should apply for the MPSRE or EMRE?

    The MPSRE is designed for recent college graduates who have completed a bachelor's degree. The program provides an introduction to real estate topics such as law, finance and development. The EMRE is ideal for professionals who have 4-7 years of experience in the real estate market, but are looking to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge.

    What kind of career opportunities can I pursue after graduating from this program?

    Graduates from this program typically pursue challenging roles within the different fields of commercial real estate including acquisitions, development, asset management and finance. The diverse curriculum emphasizes problem solving skills and critical thinking that employers seek in today’s competitive job market.

    How long does it take to complete the MPSRE or EMRE programs?

    The MPSRE can be completed in two academic semesters while the EMRE can be completed over two consecutive summer sessions plus a fall semester at Georgetown's Washington D.C., campus or remotely using advanced technology solutions such as audio/video conferencing tools.

    Must I have prior work experience for admission into this program?

    While having some work experience is preferred for admission into either degree, there is no required amount of pre-professional experience needed to be accepted into either program. Applicants should possess strong critical thinking skills along with excellent communication abilities which will be essential during their studies at Georgetown University.

    With its comprehensive curriculum ranging from basic principles to advanced theories related to the field of Real Estate, Georgetown University’s Masters in Real Estate programs provide students with essential knowlege and skills necessary to become successful leaders in today’s marketplace while also offering flexible formats perfect for both experienced professionals or recent college graduates looking to launch their careers.


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