Esthetician Schools In Dallas

Dallas is a great place to receive an aesthetician education and get the qualifications you need to start a successful career. There are multiple esthetician schools in Dallas that offer quality instruction in areas such as skin care, makeup artistry, waxing, microdermabrasion, and more.

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1. Dallas Skin Institute: Best Esthetician School in Dallas
Dallas Skin Institute: Best Esthetician School in DallasDallas Skin Institute beauty school offers innovative training in Dallas and California. 750 Hour Esthetician Course in Texas, 600 Hour Esthetician Course ...

2. Esthetician School in Dallas, TX | Paul Mitchell
Esthetician School in Dallas, TX | Paul MitchellLooking to become an esthetician? The Paul Mitchell esthetician school in Dallas provides training in skincare, waxing, makeup, and more. Learn more!

8. Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas
Whether you're interested in a career in cosmetology or esthiology, the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas has fast-paced, hands-on programs that are ...

10. Esthetics - Dallas Lash Academy
Esthetics - Dallas Lash AcademyOur Esthetician course is 750 hrs of theory and practical experience in skincare. You can learn how to cleanse, massage, and beautify the human body.

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  • What types of classes are offered at esthetician schools in Dallas?

    Esthetician schools in Dallas offer various courses within their curriculums. These can include classes on skin care treatments and products, makeup artistry, waxing techniques, body wrap treatments, microdermabrasion services, chemical peels and much more.

    How long will it take to complete esthetician school in Dallas?

    It typically takes between six months and one year to finish esthetician school in Dallas. It all depends on which type of program you decide to take part in and how many hours you dedicate each week to your studies.

    Does every esthetician school in Dallas require the same certifications?

    While certifications may vary slightly by state or region, most estheticians must possess the same general set of qualifications in order to practice legally. This includes completing an approved cosmetology program from an accredited college or university along with passing the necessary exams for licensure.

    What is the job outlook for licensed estheticians like?

    The future looks bright for those who are interested in pursuing a career as an esthetician! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for skincare specialists is projected to grow 11% from 2019-2029—much faster than average when compared with other occupations.

    Esthetician schools in Dallas can provide aspiring beauty professionals with the skills they need to succeed in this ever-growing field! With quality instruction and helpful guidance from experienced instructors, students can leave these educational programs feeling confident they are properly prepared for a successful career.

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