Dental Hygienist Salary Los Angeles

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

The average dental hygienist salary in Los Angeles is competitive, and dependent on experience, location, and employer. Generally, dental hygienists in Los Angeles earn an average of $36.08 per hour or a median salary of around $68,000 each year. Additionally, the cost of living in Los Angeles can vary significantly depending on area zip codes.

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  • How much do dental hygienists typically make in Los Angeles?

    In Los Angeles the average hourly wage for a dental hygienist is $36.08 and the median salary is around $68,000 annually. It should be noted that many factors contribute to how much a particular individual can expect to make such as job title, years of experience, type of employer, etc.

    What are some other factors that affect earning potential for dental hygienists in LA?

    Besides job title and years of experience, other factors such as size of office and specialty practice type can influence earnings for dental hygienists in LA. Additionally, pay scale may differ based on geographic region within the city boundaries since cost of living can vary between neighborhoods.

    What types of benefits do most employers offer to their employees?

    Most employers provide their employees with standard benefits such as vacation time off and medical/dental insurance packages but these may change depending on the employer's specific policy guidelines. Some employers also offer additional perks such as bonuses or retirement plans depending on their financial situation or industry.

    Do jobs exist outside of traditional clinics/hospitals for dental hygienists?

    Yes! There are many opportunities available to work as a traveling hygienist at different practices or locations throughout California or even travel abroad through certain agencies that specialize in providing this service. Additionally there are employment opportunities available with research studies or education programs related to oral hygiene which could provide an alternative source for wages outside the traditional clinical setting.

    Are there any special licenses needed to work as a dental hygienist in Los Angeles?

    Yes - All cities within California require licensure from the Dental Board of California before practicing as a dental hygienist within state lines. This includes completing coursework from accredited university programs before taking examinations under the supervision of local dentist-examiners who serve voluntarily for this board’s board testing program at different appointed locations throughout California including those in Los Angeles County.

    The demand for professional qualified dental hygienists is growing steadily throughout California with numerous job openings being created regularly all over the state; especially within major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles where wages tend to be higher than rural regions due to increased competition among employers who must remain competitive while trying to attract motivated professionals into their working environment(s). A career as a registered Dental Hygienist requires proper training leading up to licensure by way if certification exams under the supervision by certified dentists making sure that standards are upheld according new laws established by legislature.

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