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This course wizard at Norfolk State University (NSU) is a web-based tool that allows students to plan, select, and register for classes. It provides a range of services that enable students to access information about NSU and the courses on offer. With this tool, students can easily learn more about the university's academics and activities as well as view their schedules and course listings.

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1. Course Wizard
Course WizardUndergraduate courses. Search available Associate and Bachelor level course sections across all NSU colleges; includes Honors courses. Graduate ...

4. Current Students | Halmos College of Arts and Sciences | NSU
Current Students | Halmos College of Arts and Sciences | NSUSome items require your NSU ID sign-on. ... Academic Calendar · 2022-23 Graduate Program Catalog; Course Wizard · Student Handbook · Campus Resource Guide ...

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  • What type of information can I find in the course wizard?

    The Course Wizard provides a range of services that enable students to access information about NSU and the courses on offer. This includes detailed descriptions of each course offered by NSU, including academic program requirements, prerequisites for particular courses, available sections for enrollment and important dates such as add/drop deadlines.

    How do I register for classes using the Course Wizard?

    Students can use the search criteria provided on the main page to locate classes they are interested in taking. Once a potential class has been located, students can click “Register” to add it to their schedule. After registering for a class, students will be able to view their plan of study via MyNSU.

    Does the Course Wizard provide any advice regarding which classes I should take?

    No, the Course Wizard does not provide advice or recommendations regarding which classes you should take. It is up to you make an informed decision based on your individual needs and goals. We recommend that you consult with your academic advisor before making any final decisions regarding class registration.

    Is there an additional cost associated with using this tool?

    No, there are no additional fees associated with using the Course Wizard at Norfolk State University.

    Can I use this tool on my mobile device?

    Yes, The Course Wizard is compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices.

    The Course Wizard provides an easy-to-use platform for students enrolled in Norfolk State University (NSU) to plan out their academic schedules and register for classes quickly and efficiently. With its comprehensive resources related to NSU courses as well as compatibility across multiple devices, it is a great tool for managing one’s education at NSU.

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