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Arif R Rahman | 18 March

This course in Careers in Tech Sales will provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you get a job in tech sales. You will learn about the key skills and techniques required for a successful career in tech sales, as well as how to increase your earning potential and stay ahead of current industry trends. By the end of this course, you will have developed the essential skills needed to become an expert in the world of tech sales.

Table Of Content:

1. Technology Sales Course: A fast, affordable alternative to college ...
8 Weeks. Our students complete our self-paced course between 4-12 weeks on average ; 300K. There are over 300,000 job openings for tech sales roles nationwide ...

3. The Modern Way to Start Your New Career: No Experience Or ...
The Modern Way to Start Your New Career: No Experience Or ...CourseCareers teaches you how to start your career the modern way. ... Technology sales is the fastest way to break into the tech industry if you have ...

4. CourseCareers Reviews: Cost, Courses, and Outcomes
Course Careers is a very affordable way to break into Tech and can also be a ... I come from B2C sales and I thought I had a good grasp on how B2B sales ...

5. Student Stories: Listen to our alumni share their stories ...
From working at a McDonalds to $120K tech sales career at 18 years old ... Pharmacy Worker to Technology Sales Training Consultant ...

6. Sales Engineer and Solutions Engineer Online Training | Careerist
Sales Engineer and Solutions Engineer Online Training | Careerist4-week, practice-focused online training on Sales Engineer / Solutions Engineer to prepare you for a successful career in Tech Sales.

9. Tech Sales Online Trainings | Careerist
Tech Sales Online Trainings | CareeristPractice-focused online training preparing you for Tech Sales. We'll craft your resume, post it on job sites, and help you get a job!

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  • What topics will be discussed during this course?

    This course covers topics such as fundamentals of B2B marketing and selling, sales strategies, customer management, product positioning, account management, negotiations, financial acumen and more.

    What qualifications do I need to take this course?

    No prior qualifications are required to take this course - anyone interested in beginning a career in tech sales can benefit from this course.

    How long will it take me to complete this course?

    The duration of the course is flexible - there is no set duration or timeframe for completing it. However, on average it should take around twenty hours to complete all modules.

    What type of learning resources are available?

    Throughout the duration of this course learners will have access to various learning resources including slideshows, lectures, research material and other materials that can help you gain a better understanding of each module and its content.

    This Careers in Tech Sales Course provides everything one needs to know about starting out a career in the tech sales industry. From learning about marketing and selling essentials for success to gaining insight into product positioning, customer management and financial acumen - students can rest assured knowing they have all the necessary tools at their disposal to make it as professionals within this field.

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