Best LED Strip Light With Motion Sensor Top Ranked In 2024

Arif R Rahman | 1 January

Upgrade your lighting setup with our selection of the best LED strip lights featuring built-in motion sensors. From customizable colors to easy installation, these strips will bring both functionality and ambiance to any room. Find your perfect match today!

We’ve compiled a list of top-rated options that will add both style and convenience to your space. Whether you want to enhance your home decor or create stunning lighting effects, these motion-sensor LED strip lights are perfect for any application. Read on to find the perfect fit for you!

Bottom line
Peak Performance
HOUHUI Motion Activated LED Strip Lights, 9.8ft Under Bed Light LED Strips Motion Sensor Bedside Lamp Illumination with Automatic Shut-Off Timer, Smart Night Light for Bedroom Home Hallway(Warm White)
Motion Activated LED Strip Lights – Perfect Bedside Illumination!
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Bottom Line

Transform your bedroom with these motion-activated LED strip lights. Enjoy automatic shut-off and a warm white glow for a cozy ambiance. Enhance your home decor today!

  1. Motion activated for convenience
  2. Automatic shut-off timer saves energy
  3. Adds a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room
  1. Only available in warm white color
  2. Limited size options
  3. May require additional installation steps
Maximum Value
Motion Sensor LED Light Strip with Motion-Activated,Night-Sensor,Stay-On 3 Mode,16.4Ft Warm White Dimmable Under Bed Lights LED Strip Motion Sensor Night Light for Bedroom Cabinet Kitchen Stair Closet
Motion Sensor LED Light Strip – Illuminate Your Space Effortlessly!
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Bottom Line

Create the perfect lighting scheme with this motion sensor LED light strip. Stay-on 3 mode settings and dimmable function make it ideal for bedrooms, cabinets, kitchens, and more.

  1. Motion-activated for hands-free operation
  2. Dimmable feature allows customizable brightness
  3. Versatile use in various areas of the home
  1. Limited size option available
  2. May require additional accessories for installation
  3. Only available in warm white color
Elite Choice
WOBANE Rechargeable Motion Sensor Strip Light, LED Counter Lights, Upgraded Battery Operated LED Strip Light for Wardrobe,Stair,Pantry,Under Cabinet,Cupboard,Bed,Locker,2700K Warmwhite,6.56ft,2 Pack
Rechargeable Motion Sensor Strip Light – Illuminate Any Space Easily!
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Bottom Line

Upgrade your lighting setup with these battery-operated motion sensor strip lights! Ideal for wardrobes, stairs, under cabinets, and more, enjoy the convenience of rechargeability.

  1. Rechargeable design eliminates need for batteries
  2. Easy installation in various spaces
  3. Compact size provides versatile placement options

1.May not be suitable for large areas due to size limitations 2.Requires charging 3.Limited to a single color temperature (2700K)

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Why is the Best LED Strip Light with Motion Sensor Necessary?

LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility and ability to add ambiance to any space. However, incorporating motion sensor technology into these lights takes their functionality and convenience to a whole new level. In this blog section, we will discuss why the best LED strip light with motion sensor is necessary, exploring its advantages and highlighting key points.

Enhanced Convenience and Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons why the best LED strip light with motion sensor is necessary is because it offers enhanced convenience and energy efficiency. By incorporating a motion sensor into the light strip, it can automatically turn on or off based on detected movement in its vicinity. This eliminates the need for manual control or switches, making it incredibly convenient for users. Moreover, as the light only activates when needed, it significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to cost savings on electricity bills.

Improved Safety and Security

Another important aspect that makes the best LED strip light with motion sensor necessary is its contribution to safety and security. With a built-in motion sensor, these lights can be used as an effective deterrent against potential intruders or unwanted animals by illuminating dark areas around your property when movement is detected. This not only enhances safety but also provides peace of mind knowing that your surroundings are well-monitored.

Versatile Applications

The best LED strip light with motion sensor offers versatile applications across various settings, making it necessary for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether you want to enhance your home’s interior decor by creating stunning lighting effects in your living room or bedroom, or you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces such as gardens or pathways, these lights can be easily installed and customized according to your specific needs. They can also be utilized in offices, restaurants, retail stores, and other commercial establishments to create visually captivating environments.

Customization Options

The necessity of the best LED strip light with motion sensor is further amplified by the wide range of customization options it offers. These lights often come with adjustable brightness levels and color settings, allowing you to create different moods and atmospheres in your space. Additionally, some models even offer advanced features like programmable timers and remote control access, providing you with full control over the lighting effects without any hassle.

Longevity and Durability

Investing in the best LED strip light with motion sensor is a wise decision when considering their longevity and durability. LED technology ensures that these lights have a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting options. With low heat emission, they are less prone to damage or overheating, ensuring a longer operational life. This makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run as they require minimal maintenance and replacement.

In conclusion, the best LED strip light with motion sensor is necessary due to its enhanced convenience, energy efficiency, improved safety and security features, versatile applications, customization options, and long-lasting durability. By incorporating these lights into your residential or commercial space, you can elevate both the aesthetics and functionality while enjoying the benefits of automated lighting control based on motion detection.

Our Top Picks

1. Magnetic Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lights Convenient and Stylish!

Experience the convenience of these rechargeable under cabinet lights. With a sleek design, magnetic installation, and cool white lighting, they are perfect for kitchen wardrobes, cupboards, and more.

Magnetic Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lights - Convenient and Stylish!
Top-rated: 398 ratings

[1K+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: “I am well acquainted with under cabinet lights after having some for 5 years. They got tired. Ordered these and loved softer lights, etc.
One gave out after a day. Oh, got a follow up from the company on how to handle if they didn’t work. So Eailed them and got a very quick response. Pondered for a day and snapped maybe not fully charged.
Problem solved.Emailed back to company and advised problem solved. They graciously responded that they would considering advising in their follow ups.I love the lights. And a very nice experience. ” – Nikki
Get it from Amazon now: $24.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns [Save -17%]

Product Features:

  • 【Tips】 1. Motion sensor mode can’t be used during the day. Light up on motion detection ONLY in low ambient light. 2. The magnetic force on the stainless steel surface is not sufficient. You will need to use the provided metal strip for installation. 3. If the received package is missing parts or if the motion sensor lights do not work, please let us know via Amazon message, we will make it right for you immediately!
  • 【Upgraded Motion Sensor】When use AUTO mode, Our motion sensor light indoor can auto-on within the detection area (Range: 10ft, Angle: 120°), auto-off after 20 seconds of no motion detected, helps prolong working time. The PIR motion sensor can only be activated in dark environment. When use ON mode, this under cabinet lights rechargeable can be kept on, you can also use it for camping or blackout (instead of flashlight). 3 Switch Modes: Auto/ On /Off
  • 【Easy Installaion & Multiple Uses】 Built-in magnet, you can stick the led closet light motion activated to ironwork surface directly or via metal strip with non-marking tape; neither way will damage your precious furniture. Easy to install and remove it to charge. Ideal for closet, stairs, cabinet, wardrobe, bedside, drawers, cupboard, bookcase. When necessary, take the under cabinet lights wireless down for illumination at any time
  • 【51 LEDs, 150lm, Eyes-Care】The closet lights motion sensored contains 51 LEDs, up to 150 lumens output. Offter you a gentle 7000K cool white light, bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark. Perfect to many space, like living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, car, garage, pantry, entrance, hallway, laundry room, baby rooms, attics
  • 【USB Rechargeable】Built-in 1500 mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, USB-C port can be easily fully charged in just 3 hours. After fully charged, these rechargeable under cabinet lighting last for 3-5 hours in ON mode and last up to 6 weeks in AUTO mode (Use 10 times per day) Charge occasionally but benefit daily
  • Please note that the input voltage of this product is DC 5V, please make sure the charger you use supports DC 5V output, otherwise the product cannot be charged.
  1. Magnetic installation for easy setup
  2. Sleek design adds a modern touch to any space
  3. Cool white lighting provides bright illumination
  1. Limited size option available
  2. Requires occasional recharging
  3. May require additional accessories for installation
Product Info
ColorCool White
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.59 inches, Length: 12 inches, Weight: 1.301 Pounds, Width: 4.35 inches)
Size12 inch

2. RGB Color LED Strip Lights – Create an Ambiance with Ease!

Transform your bedroom or cabinet with these motion-sensing RGB color LED strip lights! Enjoy constant-on mode, light sensing feature, and remote control customization for the perfect atmosphere.

RGB Color LED Strip Lights - Create an Ambiance with Ease!
Top-rated: 84 ratings | 4 answered questions

[100+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: Easy to connect. Good quality. We put these around the bed so my husband can see his way to the bathroom. Just bright enough to light a pathway for him. ” – Jeremy Grose
“These lights are so fun and are great for anywhere the motion detector helps keep the lights from staying on constantly but are instant once they detect motion the color options are so bright and beautiful!
The price is excellent especially for the well made quality. They are easy to hang up and don’t damage your walls so they are perfect for rental spaces!! Highly recommend” – Brian Hoffek
Get it from Amazon now: $24.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • 【Always On Mode & 2 Motion Sensing Modes】HUEMIHUI under bed led lights have 3 adjustable working modes: ① Always On Mode: Always on 24 hours. ② Light sensing mode: In a dark environment, automatically turn on when motion is detected , if no motion is detected within 30S, it will automatically turn off. ③Motion sensing mode: automatically turn on when motion is detected, and if no motion is detected within 30S, it will automatically turn off. You can adjust it according to your needs.
  • 【Motion Sensor Light Strip】The led lights under bed has a built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor with ultra-high sensitivity. When you turn on Light sensing mode or Motion sensing mode, you can feel the best sensing of led light strip motion sensor The angles are all 120°, and the sensing range is all 9.84ft/3m. The excellent energy saving and environmental protection of motion sensor under cabinet light ensures that your lamp has a longer service life.
  • 【3 Way Control & Music Sync】① Motion sensor: 3 adjustable working modes & 11 color modes: 7 static modes and 4 dynamic modes ② 2.4G remote control: meet your basic needs ③ APP “douCo Strip”: 16 million static modes & 28 dynamic modes to choose freely, you can also DIY your own unique mode. In addition, led under bed lighting has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, which can change with the rhythm of ambient sounds and music, with a magical synchronization effect.
  • 【Easy to Install & Cuttable Strip Light】All connectors of motion led light strip are soldered, plug and play. Sensor boxes with built-in magnets can be easily mounted on dry, flat surfaces. We use professional and strong adhesive, you don’t have to worry about the rgb light bar falling off, the tape has no traces, and there is no need to worry about any residue. The LED light bar has cutting marks, which can be easily cut and DIY to the length and effect you want.
  • 【Using Safe Night Light Strip】USB plug bed led light allows you to use multiple ways to power the light. Comes with 5V USB power adapter, portable and safe to use. The non-waterproof design flexible multi-color led strip can be widely used in stairs, under beds, wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, closets, sofas, corridors, around the walls. It can also be used for computer lighting, TV backlighting, shelf lighting, etc. (If you have any questions, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you)
  1. Customizable RGB colors for personalized ambiance 2.Can be controlled via app or remote control 3.Music sync feature adds a fun element

1.Limited size option available 2.Requires additional setup steps 3.Not suitable for outdoor use

Product Info
ColorRGB (Red, Green, Blue)
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.1 inches, Length: 0.1 inches, Width: 0.1 inches)
SizeMotion Sensing LED Strip Light – 2 Kits

3. Motion Sensor Cabinet and Closet Light Illuminate Any Space Wirelessly!

Illuminate your cabinets or closets effortlessly with these wireless motion sensor lights! The magnetic design allows for easy installation, while the rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use.

Motion Sensor Cabinet and Closet Light - Illuminate Any Space Wirelessly!
Top-rated: 29255 ratings

[7K+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: I absolutely love these lights! I mounted these under the kitchen cabinets in our off grid cabin. You’d never know that we don’t have electricity.
They mount easily and firmly. No problem with them falling off. They give a lot of light. They’re rechargable, and can be recharged using the charging port in your vehicle. They don’t take long to charge.
They have a ‘stay on’ setting if you want constant light, and a motion detection setting if you don’t want constant light. They’re easy to take down and put back up.
You just mount the magnetic bar with the two sided tape that comes with it then just pull the light down when you’re ready to charge them. I’m going to buy these for the other rooms in the cabin as well. ” – Peters
Get it from Amazon now: $26.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns [Save -25%]

Product Features:

  • 1、★【New upgrading】: This led closet lights with 30 lamp beads adopt a new design and production process. The LED lamp emits light on the side. The light is refracted to the light guide plate through the reflector, and then evenly distributed on the lamp surface through the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (with a brightness of up to 200 lumens), but it is not glare and the light is quite soft. This usb rechargeable led undercabinet lighting is made of aluminum alloy.
  • 2、★【EASY TO INSTALL】Built-in Magnet to Stick on Any ironwork: This wireless motion sensor closet light can stick on any ironwork, or you can use the included adhesive tape to tape and iron sheet to stick on any non-iron article surface. When need charge or change place, you can the take closet light off anytime.
  • 3、★【3 Working Modes Adjustable】: These stick on closet lights have a 3 mode switch which is On-Off-G to set it always ON,Off or Motion Sensor mode. Therefore, you can used these closet lights as normal night light for closet/cabinet/drawer or motion sensor light.under G mode and dark environment, these under cabinet lights will automatically senses human motion within 10ft/120°range and shuts off automatically after 20 seconds of no movement.
  • 4、★【USB Rechargeable and Energy Saving】: These led battery operated lights built-in 1000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, easily charged via the USB cable(included). After fully charged, the wireless under cabinet lighting can last for about 3 hours when you make it (ON)mode, and 2-4 weeks under motion sensor(G) mode(activate 10 times a day).
  • 5、★【Wide Application】: This multifunctional cabinet light is ideal for the bedroom, baby room, closet, closets, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell,garage entrances pantry and other places.We provide two-year quality assurance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubt.

1.Wireless and portable design for versatile use 2.Rechargeable battery eliminates need for constant replacements 3.Easy magnetic installation


1.Limited coverage area due to size (7.8 inches) 2.May require frequent recharging 3.Single color option (silver-white light)

Product Info
ColorSilver-white Light
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.598 inches, Length: 8.201 inches, Weight: 0.5 pounds, Width: 3.504 inches)

4. Rechargeable Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lighting Sleek and Functional!

Upgrade your kitchen or closet with these rechargeable under cabinet lights! With 54 LED bulbs, easy installation, and a sleek silver design, they are perfect for any indoor space.

Rechargeable Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lighting - Sleek and Functional!
Top-rated: 448 ratings | 12 answered questions

[4K+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: “We have a MCM credenza that we use as a bar. It’s dark inside and these motion activated lights work GREAT! Stuck one on the “ceiling” of each section of the bar.
As soon as we slide the door open, the light turns on and we can see exactly what’s inside. The light is bright (but adjustable).
The fact that they are cordless and rechargeable is great! And the slim design is nice, too. I would definitely recommend these lights, in fact I already have to my neighbor ” – Bonnie
Get it from Amazon now: $14.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns [Save -25%]

Product Features:

  • Soft and Bright Light: With 54 LED lamp beads and a diffuse light design, our 12 inch Cabinet Lights produce softer, brighter, and more uniform light. Choose from three optional lighting modes: white light, natural light, and warm light.
  • Wide Sensing Range: Our Cabinet Lights feature a high-sensitivity motion sensor that can detect all objects within 10 feet and 120° from the center of the sensor. Any minor movement will immediately turn on the lights, making them convenient and energy-efficient.
  • Multiple Sensing Modes: To suit different scenarios, we offer three sensing modes: constant mode, night mode, and day mode. Please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure optimal performance.At the same time, we equipped the cabinet lights with the latest TYP-C charging interface.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Our Cabinet Lights have a large battery capacity that can continuously light up for up to 6 hours on the highest brightness settings. They can also be used for over two months in induction mode, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • Non-destructive installation: Our Cabinet Lights can be attached to any steel metal surface. You can also install them anywhere you want using the included metal sheet, without damaging your cabinets or walls.
  • 2-Year Warranty: We offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty on our Closet Lights. If you encounter any issues while using them, please contact us, and we’ll solve your problem within 24 hours.

1.Rechargeable battery for convenience 2.Easy installation with included adhesive strips 3.Sleek silver design complements any decor


1.Limited size option available 2.May not be suitable for larger spaces due to coverage limitations 3.Requires occasional recharging

Product Info
ManufacturerGuangzhou Yufeijia International Trade Co., Ltd
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.709 inches, Length: 1.378 inches, Width: 3.228 inches)

5. Mini PIR Motion Sensor Switch Enhance Your DIY LED Lighting Projects!

Take control of your DIY LED lighting projects with this mini PIR motion sensor switch. Adjustable settings allow customization while the compact design ensures easy integration.

Mini PIR Motion Sensor Switch - Enhance Your DIY LED Lighting Projects!
Top-rated: 464 ratings

[50+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: Got this sensor switch for some LED lights i installed in my safe. Does exactly what I needed it to.
Open the door, lights come on! Close the door and the lights go off. I did have to open it up and adjust the three adjust setting screws to get it the way I wanted.
All in all, was super easy to install, and once I read the directions to see which adjustment I needed, it works great! It has a motion sensitivity screw, that detects movement nearer or farther, and a ‘lights on’ duration adjustment.
If you are looking for an easy solution to have automatic lighting, whether in a safe, cabinet doors, or anywhere a motion sensor could help you, then this may just be the one for you!! Highly recommend ” – Johnnydwa
Get it from Amazon now: $10.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • 【Motion Activated】 : Sensor function triggered by motion, you can use this small motion sensor switch to control lighting like Led strip lighting.
  • 【Light Sensor Adjustable】: This function allows you to use the motion sensor in different ambient condition, for example, you set the light sensor value to 20 lux, when the room ambient light value is above 20 lux, the light won’t turn on, but when room ambient light value is less than 20 lux, the sensor can turn light on when motion detected within sensing range.
  • 【Delay Time Adjustable- Please set this to its minimum value first then try to figure out your values for the Sensitivity and Light Sensor- this will save your time】: The delay time controls how long the light stays on once it gets triggered, during the delay time if motion detected, the delay time will reset and start a new delay time.
  • 【Sensitivity Adjustable】: The sensitivity controls how close you need to be to the sensor in order to activate it.
  • 【Wide Application】: You can use this sensor in different occasions like entryway lighting, cabinet lighting, gun safe lighting, pantry lighting, under the bed rails lighting.
  1. Adjustable settings for personalized functionality 2.Compact size allows for versatile placement 3.Enhances energy efficiency of LED lighting projects

1.Requires additional wiring for setup 2.Limited compatibility with specific voltage requirements (12v to 24v) 3.Single color option (white)

Product Info
Item Dimensions(Length: 5 Centimeters)

6. Color Changing RGB Indoor LED Strip Light Create an Immersive Experience!

Elevate your home ambiance with this color changing RGB indoor LED strip light. Featuring motion activation, remote control capability, and vibrant colors, it’s perfect for enhancing any space.

Color Changing RGB Indoor LED Strip Light - Create an Immersive Experience!
Top-rated: 114 ratings | 16 answered questions

[300+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: “Read some reviews and was starting to get concerned about the adhesive material and general quality. Here’s what I found.
Anytime you apply a sticker, you need to prep a surface. Apparently some people don’t realize this. Take some alcohol wipes or windex and clean the surface you plan on applying these too and the stick just fine.
Motion works great, all the lights work and are the colors they are supposed to be. Different timer settings can be adjusted to keep the lights on either 20 seconds, 60 seconds, on full-time or off. Bottom line, looks and works great! ” – Barry
Get it from Amazon now: $14.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • FLEXIBLE NEON ROPE LIGHT – Bend the light strip to outline almost anything! Perfect for kitchen cabinets, Christmas and Diwali decor, stairs, bed frames, doorways, and more.
  • 16.4 FOOT LENGTH – Add light to where you need it most! These strip lights are long enough to span counters, cabinet units, even ceiling to floor for the perfect TikTok video backlight!
  • ADHESIVE BACK – Easy installation thanks to the peel off adhesive backing on this strip light! Apply anywhere for an immediate improvement in lighting.
  • NO BATTERY – This strip light is powered by a 12v adapter which plugs into any wall outlet. No need to recharge or waste your batteries!
  • RGB CHANGING – Set your aesthetic easily with the remote control multi color changing functions. Activated by remote or by the attached motion sensor! Perfect for teen rooms, a surprise party, music videos, gaming, and more!

1.Color-changing RGB lights offer endless possibilities 2.Motion activated feature adds convenience 3.Remote control allows customization from anywhere in the room


1.Requires wall plug connection 2.No battery-powered option available 3.Limited coverage area (16.4ft)

Product Info
Item Dimensions(Weight: 0.509 pounds)

7. Motion Sensor Cabinet Light with Dimming Illuminate and Organize Effortlessly!

Upgrade your wardrobe or cabinet with these motion sensor cabinet lights. With 3 light color options, dimming capabilities, and easy installation, they are perfect for enhancing organization.

Motion Sensor Cabinet Light with Dimming - Illuminate and Organize Effortlessly!
Top-rated: 399 ratings | 8 answered questions

[1K+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: These were such an awesome purchase for me, and worth every penny! These lights provide great illumination under cabinets, or anywhere else that you want to put them, and are so easy to install because all you do is peel off
The backing of two thin magnets, stick it up there under your cabinet, for example, and they snap right on, like a good magnet should!
They also easily pop right off so you can charge them. There is no electrical wire, just a small charging cable that comes with them that you use when it’s time to charge.
These are also really great because you can walk around with them anywhere you need bright light, and pop them right back up onto the magnets.
They have three different kinds of light, a softer one, a super bright one, and a white one. I prefer the softer one because I’m not a fan of very bright lights, but I occasionally have used the really bright one as I have one of them under a corner cabinet that is pretty dark.
All three settings offer a lot of light. I recently moved into a small apartment and the kitchen has dark brown cabinets, dark brown countertops, and no lighting, so these were absolutely perfect for me.
I love that one of the settings is motion-activated. That’s so helpful!
Great product, and you get two in the box. They are very thin, so will be hidden under any cabinet, unlike the thick ones that are hard-wired that we’ve all had in our lives.
I plan on having some of these for the rest of my life as they are so handy for a number of places, not just under a kitchen cabinet, and are honestly one of the best things I’ve ever bought.
Also, it’s been almost two weeks and they are still going strong without needing to be charged! ” – Julie Nicolay
Get it from Amazon now: $15.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns [Save -20%]

Product Features:

  • 【Upgraded Motion Sensor】:The product has updated the sensing mode.Click the switch and the light will remain on,It is a constant light mode.Then press and flash three times to enter the night induction modein the dark environment can be sensed25 seconds afterthe automatic turn off the light. Then press and flash twice to enter the all-dayinduction modecan be sensed all day,25 seconds after theautomatic turn offthe light Click again to close.
  • 【3 Color Temperatures and Stepless Dimming】:One-button control that allows you to effortlessly navigate between 3 different color temperatures and achieve stepless dimming. Short press to choose between warm light (3000K), natural light (4000K), and white light (6000K) color temperatures. Long press to smoothly adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%(up to 240 lumens, but not dazzling). This versatile functionality caters to your various needs for different brightness levels.
  • 【High-performance Battery and Long-lasting Endurance】:Built-in 2000 mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, supporting usb charging with a fast charging speed that takes only 2 hours to fully charge. When fully charged, these kitchen under counter lights can last up to 5 hours in on mode and 1-2 months in motion sensor mode(if used less than 3 times per day and with less than 60 seconds of sensing time per use.)
  • 【Ultra-thin Design & Easy Installation】:The under cabinet light motion sensor is only 9mm thick, and its compact size makes it versatile, providing light for tight spaces and dark corners. With built-in magnets, the under counter light can stick on any ironwork, or you can use the included iron sheets with tape to stick on any non-iron surface. When need charge or change place, you can the take the closet light off anytime.
  • 【Wide Application】:This LED motion sensor cabinet light is ideal for the bedroom, baby room, stairs, kitchen, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage and other places. You will receive 2 x under counter lights,2 x charge cable,2 x iron sheets with tape for installation and 1 x use instructions. You will enjoy lifetime free replacement and 24 hours friendly service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems!
  • 【Warm Tips】:1. Before use, please fully charge the cabinet lights;2.In induction mode, please do not put two under counter lights too close, it is recommended to space them at least one meter apart.

1.Dimming feature allows customizable brightness 2.Rechargeable battery eliminates need for constant replacements 3.Sleek silver design adds a modern touch


1.Limited coverage area (12 inches) 2.May require occasional recharging 3.Single color option (silver)

Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.35 inches, Length: 12 inches, Weight: 0.694 pounds, Width: 1.6 inches)

The Ultimate Buying Guide for LED Strip Lights with Motion Sensor

LED strip lights with motion sensor are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and energy-saving features. If you’re in the market for these innovative lighting solutions, it’s essential to consider a few key factors before making a purchase. In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the best LED strip light with motion sensor that suits your needs.

1. Motion Sensor Technology

When choosing an LED strip light with motion sensor, it’s crucial to understand how the motion sensor technology works. Different models may employ various sensing methods, such as infrared (IR) or microwave sensors. Consider the range, sensitivity, and precision of the motion detection system to ensure it will effectively respond to movement within your desired area.

2. Brightness and Color Options

LED strip lights come in various brightness levels and color options. Determine the level of brightness required for your space based on its purpose and ambiance preferences. Additionally, consider whether you need a single-color LED strip or one that offers a wide range of color options and customizable settings for different moods or events.

3. Length and Flexibility

LED strip lights typically come in rolls of various lengths. Measure the area where you plan to install the lights beforehand to ensure you choose an appropriate length that will cover the desired space adequately. Furthermore, consider whether you require flexible LED strips that can be easily bent or cut to fit specific corners or irregular surfaces.

4. Installation Method

LED strip lights can be installed using different methods, including adhesive backing, clips, or mounting brackets. Consider your installation requirements and preferences when selecting a product. Adhesive-backed strips are often easier to install but may not be suitable for certain surfaces or if repositioning is expected.

5. Additional Features

Some LED strip lights offer additional features that enhance their functionality and user experience. These features may include dimming capabilities, remote control options, timers, and compatibility with smart home systems. Consider which additional features would be beneficial for your specific needs and choose a product that aligns with those requirements.

6. Energy Efficiency

LED strip lights are known for their energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting options. However, it’s still essential to check the energy consumption and efficiency rating of the product you’re considering. Look for LED strips that have high energy efficiency ratings and long lifespans to save on electricity costs in the long run.

7. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Before finalizing your purchase decision, take some time to read customer reviews and ratings of the LED strip lights you are considering. Real-world experiences from other users can provide valuable insights into the quality, durability, ease of installation, and overall satisfaction with the product.

By considering these factors while shopping for LED strip lights with motion sensor technology, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that meets your unique requirements. Remember to compare different options, explore reputable brands, and prioritize features that matter most to you for a well-rounded buying experience.


What makes the best LED strip light with motion sensor stand out from other options?

The best LED strip light with motion sensor offers superior performance, versatility, and convenience. Its advanced motion sensors ensure automatic activation when movement is detected, making it perfect for enhancing security or adding a touch of ambiance to any space.

How can a LED strip light with motion sensor benefit my home or office?

A LED strip light with motion sensor is an excellent addition to any home or office environment. It brings energy efficiency, hands-free operation, and customizable lighting options. Whether you want to enhance safety or create stunning visual effects, this product has got you covered.

Can the best LED strip light with motion sensor be easily installed?

Absolutely! The best LED strip light with motion sensor is designed for hassle-free installation. With its adhesive backing and flexible design, you can easily attach it to any surface and adjust it according to your needs. No special tools or technical skills required!

Are there different color options available for LED strip lights with motion sensors?

Yes, there are various color options available for LED strip lights with motion sensors. Whether you prefer warm white for a cozy atmosphere or vibrant colors for an energetic vibe, you can find the perfect lighting solution that matches your style and preferences.

Can I control the brightness level of a LED strip light with motion sensor?

Absolutely! The best LED strip lights with motion sensors offer adjustable brightness levels to suit your specific needs. You can easily dim or brighten the lights according to the desired ambiance in your space, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

How long do LED strip lights with motion sensors typically last?

LED strip lights with motion sensors are known for their durability and longevity. On average, these high-quality products can last up to 50,000 hours or more, providing you with many years of reliable performance and cost-effective lighting solutions.

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