Best Brush Guards For Ford Escape Top Ranked In 2024

Arif R Rahman | 24 December

Upgrade your Ford Escape with our selection of the best brush guards available. These high-quality and durable accessories not only provide protection but also add a

We have carefully handpicked and tested the top options available on the market to provide you with maximum protection and style. Whether you’re tackling off-road adventures or simply want to enhance the rugged look of your Escape, our selection of brush guards will meet all your needs. Read on to find the perfect brush guard that fits your Ford Escape like a glove!

Bottom line
Peak Performance
ARIES 3062 1-1/2-Inch Black Steel Grille Guard, No-Drill, Select Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute
ARIES 3062 Black Steel Grille Guard for Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute
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Bottom Line

Enhance your vehicle’s protection and style with this no-drill grille guard.

  1. Easy installation without drilling
  2. Durable black steel construction
  3. Designed specifically for Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute
  1. May affect front-end visibility
  2. Heavyweight at 63 pounds
  3. Limited compatibility with other vehicle models
Maximum Value
Matte Black Studded Mesh Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grill Grille Guard With Skid Plate Compatible With 08-12 Ford Escape / 08-11 Mazda Tribute Mercury Mariner / 06-10 Mercury Mountaineer
Matte Black Studded Mesh Bull Bar Grill Guard for Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute
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Bottom Line

Add a sleek look to your vehicle while providing front-end protection with this bull bar.

  1. Stylish matte black finish with studded mesh design
  2. Comes with skid plate for added durability
  3. Compatible with multiple Ford and Mazda models
  1. Installation may require some modifications
  2. Not compatible with all vehicle models
  3. May reduce airflow to the engine bay
Elite Choice
Armordillo USA 7142572 Classic Bull Bar Bumper Guard - Matte Black Fits 2008-2012 Ford Escape
Armordillo USA Classic Bull Bar Bumper Guard – Matte Black for 2008-2012 Ford Escape
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Bottom Line

Protect your Ford Escape with this classic bull bar featuring a matte black finish.

  1. Sleek matte black design enhances the vehicle’s appearance
  2. Provides extra front-end protection against impacts
  3. Specifically designed to fit 2008-2012 Ford Escape models
  1. Limited compatibility with other vehicle makes and models
  2. Installation may require additional tools or expertise
  3. May slightly increase the overall weight of the vehicle

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Why is the Best Brush Guard for Ford Escape Necessary?

When it comes to protecting your Ford Escape from potential damage caused by off-road adventures or unexpected encounters with wildlife, a brush guard becomes an essential accessory. The best brush guard for your Ford Escape not only enhances the rugged and adventurous look of your vehicle but also provides several practical benefits.

1. Protection against Collisions

The primary purpose of a brush guard is to shield your Ford Escape from collisions with large animals, branches, rocks, or other debris that you may encounter while driving off-road. By installing a high-quality brush guard, you can protect the front end of your vehicle and reduce the risk of expensive repairs or damage to vital components such as the radiator and headlights.

2. Safeguarding Exterior Accessories

If you have invested in additional exterior accessories like fog lights or grille inserts for your Ford Escape, a brush guard can provide an extra layer of protection for these valuable add-ons. By preventing direct contact with potential hazards, a brush guard helps preserve the integrity and functionality of these accessories.

3. Enhanced Off-Road Capability

For avid off-roaders, having the best brush guard for their Ford Escape is crucial to improve its off-road capabilities. A well-designed brush guard can serve as a mounting point for auxiliary lights, winches, or recovery gear like tow hooks. This allows you to equip your vehicle with essential tools and accessories needed during challenging off-road expeditions.

4. Added Style and Personalization

Apart from its functional benefits, the best brush guard for your Ford Escape can also enhance its overall appearance by adding a touch of ruggedness and aggression. With various styles and finishes available in the market, you can choose a brush guard that complements your personal taste and gives your vehicle a distinctive look.

5. Increased Resale Value

Equipping your Ford Escape with a top-quality brush guard not only protects it during your ownership but also increases its resale value in the future. Prospective buyers who are looking for a versatile and adventure-ready vehicle will be impressed by the added protection and capabilities provided by a brush guard, making your Ford Escape more appealing in the used car market.

In conclusion, investing in the best brush guard for your Ford Escape is necessary to protect your vehicle from potential collisions, safeguard exterior accessories, enhance off-road capabilities, add style and personalization, as well as increase its resale value. By choosing a reliable and durable brush guard, you can ensure that your Ford Escape remains safe and ready for any adventure that comes its way.

Our Top Picks

1. Stehlen Advance Series Bull Bar – Matte Black/Brush Aluminum Skid Plate

Upgrade your Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute with this durable bull bar featuring a stylish matte black and brush aluminum design.

Stehlen Advance Series Bull Bar - Matte Black/Brush Aluminum Skid Plate
Top-rated: 3 ratings Get it from Amazon now: $190.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • Application: Compatible With 2008-2012 Ford Escape All Models, 2008-2011 Mazda Tribute All Models, 2008-2011 Mercury Mariner All Models, 2006-2010 Mercury Mountaineer All Models
  • Matte ( Satin Black ) With Stainless Skid Plate, Black Fine Shimmering Finish
  • Advance Series Bull Bar. Angular, Bold & Edgy Design. Offers Maximum Strength & Aggressive Appearance To Your Vehicle
  • Provide Front Bumper & Grille Protection / Brush Guarding For Off-Road Use
  • Mount Kit Included
  1. High-quality matte black and brush aluminum construction
  2. Provides enhanced front-end protection against collisions
  3. Compatible with multiple Ford and Mazda models
  1. Installation may require some modifications or professional assistance
  2. May slightly reduce ground clearance
  3. Not compatible with all vehicle models
Product Info
ColorMatte Black / Brush Aluminum Skid Plate

2. Steelcraft Black 1 Piece Grille Guard for Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute

Protect your vehicle’s front-end while adding a rugged look with this black grille guard by Steelcraft.

Steelcraft Black 1 Piece Grille Guard for Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute
Top-rated: 5 ratings | 3 answered questions Get it from Amazon now: $502.74 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • Product Type: Auto Accessory
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Product Dimensions: 71.0″ (L) x 33.0″ (W) x 20.0″ (H)
  • Package Weight: 58.65 lbs
  1. Durable black steel construction for long-lasting protection
  2. Easy installation without the need for drilling
  3. Designed to fit Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute perfectly
  1. Heavyweight at 58.65 pounds
  2. May limit airflow to the engine bay
  3. Limited compatibility with other vehicle makes and models
Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 20 Inches, Length: 71 Inches, Weight: 58.65 pounds, Width: 33 Inches)

3. Find The Missing Trophy!

Embark on an exciting adventure to find the missing trophy in this engaging game for all ages.

Find The Missing Trophy!

4. Rexka T30 Engine Splash Shield Guard Undertray Cover Screws Bolt Nut Clip Kit for Ford Focus Fusion Escape C-Max Lincoln MKC

Securely fasten your engine splash shield with this comprehensive screw, bolt, nut, and clip kit.

Rexka T30 Engine Splash Shield Guard Undertray Cover Screws Bolt Nut Clip Kit for Ford Focus Fusion Escape C-Max Lincoln MKC
Top-rated: 1443 ratings | 15 answered questions
Most Helpful Review: “Ordered these as a replacement for ones on a Ford 2016, when I replaced the under splash shield. As expected, the new CAPA Parr does not include them, I had only one in my nuts/bolts/trim assortment drawers.
Took a chance and ordered these; found these to be better than OEM unit. The T27 torque screwdriver fit perfectly; the single OEM unit I had was a loose fit.
These secured the shield properly and fit the T27 screwdriver perfectly, plus far less expensive than the OEM part and the aftermarket nut/bolt/fastener company. ” – Anoldguy
Get it from Amazon now: $8.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • Other Names (Screw) :Emblem Screw, Deflector Screw, Fender Liner Screw, Lower Deflector Screw, Lower Shield Screw, Under Cover Screw, Front Shield Screw, Air Deflector Screw, Exhaust Heat Shield Screw, Air Guide Screw, Grille Screw, Screw And Washer Assembly
  • Other Names(Nut) :Front Deflector Retainer Nut, Side Shield Nut, Under Cover Nut, Rear Deflector Nut, Deflector Nut, Lower Shield Retainer Nut, Under-Body Shield Nut, Lower Shield Nut, Shield Nut, Air Deflector Nut, Front Shield Nut, Lower Deflector Nut, Front Deflector Nut, Reservoir Assembly Nut, Front Deflector U-Nut, Rear Deflector U-Nut, Side Cover Nut, Air Shield Nut, Lower Deflector Retainer Nut, Bumper Cover Retainer, Rear Deflector Retainer, Under Cover Retainer, Exhaust Heat Shield Nut
  • Other Names(Spring Nut):Reservoir Nut, Side Reinforced Nut, Under Cover Nut, Master Cylinder Nut, Side Support Nut, Cowl Grille Nut, Lower Shield Nut, Reinforced Panel Nut, Reservoir Tank Nut, Side Bracket Nut, Fender Liner Retainer, Ft Fender Liner Nut, Nut – Spring
  • Fits the Following Cars: C-Max 2013-2018,Fusion 2013-2018, Escape 2013-2018, F-150 2015-2018, Edge 2015-2018, Escort 1985-1990 1995-2001, Focus 2004-2018, Galaxie 1979-1983, Galaxy 2006-2015, KA 1996-2009, Mondeo 1993-2007, Orion 1985-1993, Scorpio I 1989-1994, Sierra 1982-1993, Fiesta 1989-1996
  • 15 pcs of T30 Torx Drive Head Self-Tapping Screw, Black Phosphate, M5 x 20mm; 15 pcs of Screw Grommet,Light Green Nylon; 15pcs M5 U Nut
  1. Includes all necessary hardware for easy installation
  2. Ensures a secure fitment of the engine splash shield
  3. Compatible with various Ford and Lincoln models
  1. May require additional tools for installation
  2. Designed specifically for engine splash shield application
  3. Limited compatibility with non-compatible vehicle models
Product Info
ColorScrews Nuts Clips-15Sets
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.394 Inches, Length: 1.969 Inches, Width: 1.969 Inches)
SizeOne Size

5. ACLONG Rain Guard for Ford Escape 2020-2023 – Tape-on Side Window Visors

Keep your Ford Escape protected from rain and enhance its style with these tape-on side window visors.

ACLONG Rain Guard for Ford Escape 2020-2023 - Tape-on Side Window Visors
Top-rated: 199 ratings | 4 answered questions

[50+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: The design on this sytem is very impressive. The packaging gives plenty of supplies including cleaning pads and extra tape.
This product is very well thought out for customer installation. There are tape pulls so you can pull on them and easily remove the tape carrier for easy install.
Overall set each piece of trim and go from edge of door opening and apply going towards the front of the vehicle. I used a heat gun to warm up the pieces before and after the install.
I have a 2021 Highlander and couldn’t be happier with this product. Great engineering and concentration on the customer installation process. Kudos to this company. ” – David
Get it from Amazon now: $56.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • 【Fits Perfectly!】ACLONG rain guards compatible with Ford Escape S SE Sport Hybrid 2020 2021 2022 2023.
  • 【Awesome Looking】Side window visor used full size design create a seamless look on the window panels for Escape while improving driving comfort.
  • 【Air In & Rain Out】Great for all weather conditions, this window deflectors help improve ventilation inside your car to reduce mirror and window fogging while increasing air circulation improve air quality in cars. Escape Rain visor have an aerodynamic design that redirects air past your window during driving keeping rain snow and airborne debris out to let you comfortable.
  • 【Durable & Safe Material】Vent deflectors used ultra high strength Acrylic material for Ford Escape, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resists fade from sun exposure can be used for a long time in variety of extreme environments.
  • 【Easy to Install】Each of our window visors comes with double-sided automotive grade adhesive tape and degrease wipe that provides a strong and long service life secure installation. No tools or complicated instructions necessary.
  1. Easy installation with tape-on design
  2. Durable and long-lasting construction
  3. Compatible with Ford Escape model years 2020-2023
  1. Limited compatibility with other vehicle models
  2. Installation may leave residue upon removal
  3. May slightly reduce visibility from side windows
Product Info
ColorFit For Ford Escape 2020-2023 (Tape on)
Item Dimensions(Height: 0.787 Inches, Length: 45.669 inches, Width: 3.543 inches)

6. Goodyear Shatterproof in-Channel Window Deflectors for Ford Escape 2013-2019

Enjoy fresh air while protecting your interior from rain with these shatterproof window deflectors by Goodyear.

Goodyear Shatterproof in-Channel Window Deflectors for Ford Escape 2013-2019
Top-rated: 844 ratings | 24 answered questions

[50+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: First of all, these are made by the comrades in Russia. Second,you getca set of no logo license plate frames.
To the point, I’ve bought 4 sets of AWS deflectors over the years. They have Never Fit with out some massaging.
These fell on the truck, a 2021 Ram Quad Cab. They use a clear, thin 3M tape. I did nothing but follow the directions and in 15 minutes I was done.
For the money, remember, AVS IS more than twice the money, these are just fine ” – Gary Engle
Get it from Amazon now: $79.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • Attention! Vent deflector fits only for Ford Escape 2013-2019.
  • Premium Goodyear side window deflectors let you roll your window down in rain, high winds, snow and ice. These window vent visors rain guards for SUVs keep you from getting wet while enjoying fresh air. Made of high quality, durable SHATTERPROOF material. Rain guard will not crack, break, or chip.
  • In-channel installation provides perfect fit and sleek look for your SUV. Be sure that Goodyear in-channel deflectors are water resistant and durable in all weather conditions. And they certainly won’t fall off on the highway.
  • Great color is chosen finest for sun protection. It goes well with all vehicle styles and colors. This color of this vent shade stays rich year after year. These are premium auto accessories that will enhance the value of your truck as well as your daily enjoyment and comfort.
  • Get a perfect gift right now – 2 Goodyear License Plate Frames are included in the set. All tools included, no drilling. Use the full mounting kit and follow the instruction for error-free installation of wind deflector. Please note that after installing the window must be kept closed for 72 hrs. Window visor comes in a Goodyear color box protected by a brown shipping box.
  1. Premium smoke color adds a sleek look to the vehicle
  2. Easy in-channel installation, no adhesive required
  3. Provides protection against rain and reduces wind noise
  1. Limited compatibility with specific Ford Escape model years
  2. Some customers may experience fitment issues
  3. May slightly restrict the opening of the windows
Product Info
ManufacturerSpark Lines Inc
ColorPremium Smoke
Item Dimensions(Height: 1.77 inches, Length: 41.93 inches, Weight: 4.19 Pounds, Width: 12.09 inches)
SizeFor Escape 13-19

7. UYYE 3D American Flag Emblem Decal Cut-Out – Black Matte (1 Pair)

Show off your patriotism with these stylish black matte American flag emblem decals for your car, truck, or SUV.

UYYE 3D American Flag Emblem Decal Cut-Out - Black Matte (1 Pair)
Top-rated: 434 ratings | 5 answered questions

[100+ bought in the past month]

Most Helpful Review: “Easy to install, plastic flags with foam adhesive tape on the back. My front fenders are not perfectly flat, and they installed intact along the slight rise and fall and maintained their shape better than vinyl decals and the price was good.
They’ve been through one car wash so far and remained intact with no issues. Overall I would recommend these for the great price and quality. ” – Melissa
Get it from Amazon now: $7.99 | FREE Delivery & Returns

Product Features:

  • HOLLOW FLAG DESIGN: 3D American flag pattern decals, three-dimensional effect, cool. Each Flag is 5 “x 3”, they are not thin Vinyl Decals!
  • DURABLE: This car sticker is made of high-grade acrylic material, matte black coating , waterproof, UV-proof and scratch resistant,won’t be affected by extreme weather, will never fade with long service life.
  • WIDELY USE: This American flag emblem sticker can easily be used on most cars, golf cart, SUV, tank, truck, as well as motorcycles, laptops, tool box, and refrigerators etc.
  • EASY TO INSTALL:The back is glued with a car- specific double-sided tape.Easy to use, Choose a location,just clean the surface, peel the sticker and stick to the surface of car, press for few seconds to make it firmly.
  • GOOD GIFT: Car washing does not affect use them. Perfect for outdoor use on vehicles and more. They are cool and great gift.
  1. Eye-catching 3D design adds a patriotic touch to the vehicle’s exterior
  2. Made of high-quality acrylic material for durability
  3. Easy to install with a cut-out design
  1. Limited compatibility with other vehicle makes and models
  2. May require careful positioning during installation
  3. Not suitable for curved surfaces or textured finishes
Product Info

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Brush Guard for Your Ford Escape

When it comes to protecting your Ford Escape from potential damage during off-road adventures or everyday driving, investing in a high-quality brush guard is essential. A brush guard not only adds a rugged and stylish look to your vehicle but also acts as a protective barrier against debris, branches, and other hazards that can cause harm to your vehicle’s front end.

Here are some key factors to consider when searching for the best brush guard for your Ford Escape:

1. Compatibility with Ford Escape

First and foremost, ensure that the brush guard you choose is specifically designed to fit your Ford Escape model. Different years and trim levels may have variations in bumper size and design, so it’s crucial to select a brush guard that matches the specifications of your vehicle.

2. Material Quality and Durability

The material used in constructing the brush guard determines its strength and durability. Look for options made from robust materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty steel tubing. These materials offer excellent resistance against impacts, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions.

3. Easy Installation Process

Consider a brush guard that offers easy installation without requiring any major modifications to your Ford Escape. Look for models that come with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware to ensure a hassle-free installation process.

4. Design and Style

Brush guards are available in various styles ranging from full-width grille guards to bull bars or push bars. Consider the overall aesthetic of your Ford Escape and choose a design that complements its look while providing adequate protection.

5. Additional Features

Some brush guards come with additional features like integrated light mounts or winch compatibility, which can enhance both functionality and style. These extras can be beneficial if you plan on adding accessories like LED lights or using a winch during off-road adventures.

6. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Before making a decision, take the time to read customer reviews and ratings for different brush guard options. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into the overall quality, fitment, and performance of a particular product.

7. Price and Warranty

Lastly, consider your budget when choosing a brush guard for your Ford Escape. Compare prices among different brands and models to find one that offers the best value for money. Additionally, check if the brush guard comes with a warranty to ensure peace of mind regarding any manufacturing defects or damage during shipping.

By keeping these factors in mind during your search, you’ll be able to find the best brush guard for your Ford Escape that not only offers reliable protection but also suits your style preferences and budget. Remember to prioritize safety, durability, and compatibility while making your decision.


What is the best brush guard for Ford Escape?

The best brush guard for Ford Escape is the one that provides maximum protection while enhancing the vehicle’s rugged look. It should be durable, easy to install, and specifically designed for the Ford Escape model.

Are there any brush guards available for Ford Escape that offer superior durability?

Yes, there are brush guards available for Ford Escape that are built with high-quality materials like heavy-duty steel or aluminum alloy, ensuring superior durability even in challenging off-road conditions.

How can a brush guard benefit my Ford Escape?

A brush guard can provide multiple benefits to your Ford Escape. It offers protection from potential damage caused by debris on rough terrain, enhances the vehicle’s front-end aesthetics, and can serve as a mounting point for auxiliary lights or accessories.

Can I easily install a brush guard on my Ford Escape without professional help?

Yes, most brush guards designed for Ford Escapes come with detailed installation instructions and require basic tools for installation. With some mechanical aptitude and following the provided guidelines, you should be able to install it yourself without needing professional assistance.

Which brand offers the best selection of brush guards for Ford Escape?

There are several reputable brands offering quality brush guards for Ford Escape, including Westin Automotive, Aries Automotive, and Black Horse Off Road. These brands have a wide range of options to choose from based on style preferences and specific needs.

What features should I consider when selecting a brush guard for my Ford Escape?

When choosing a brush guard for your Ford Escape, consider factors such as material quality, compatibility with your vehicle’s make and model year, ease of installation, additional accessories compatibility (if desired), and customer reviews to ensure its reliability and overall satisfaction.

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