Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

Continuing education courses play an important role in physical therapy. A physical therapist must continuously stay up to date on the latest research and best practices to ensure the highest quality of service for their patients. Physical therapists who participate in continuing education courses gain access to the most current information and techniques, allowing them to be better equipped to serve their clients’ needs.

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1. Continuing Education Course Catalog | MedBridge
Our online physical therapy continuing education courses offer the highest quality CEUs. MedBridge's video-based and accredited CEUs allow convenient, ...

3. Online CEUs for Physical Therapists Online CEUs for Physical TherapistsAnnual membership is just $99 a year, allowing you access to unlimited physical therapy CEU courses. Earn as many PT CEUs as you want. Online virtual ...

4. Continuing Education • EIM | Evidence In Motion CEUs
Continuing Education • EIM | Evidence In Motion CEUsContinuing eduation starts here. Evidence In Motion offers courses for PT, OT, PTA and other health care professions. Register for a course today.

7. CPTA | Education
CPTA | EducationEvery California licensed PT and PTA must earn 30 contact hours or 3.0 CEUs during their license renewal period. Your renewal period begins the day after your ...

9. Great Lakes Seminars
Great Lakes SeminarsGreat Lakes Seminars provides physical therapy continuing education courses through practical, hands-on learning and techniques.

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  • Q: What are some benefits of taking continuing education courses in physical therapy?

    There are many benefits of taking continuing education courses in physical therapy. These benefits include staying up-to-date on research and best practices, learning new techniques, and being better equipped to serve your clients’ needs.

    Who is eligible for continuing education in physical therapy?

    Most states require physical therapists to take a certain number of hours or CE credits each year. Those who meet this requirement are eligible for continuing education courses in physical therapy.

    What topics may be covered by continuing education courses?

    Continuing education courses can cover a variety of topics related to physical therapy, including kinesiology, anatomy, therapeutic exercises, assessment techniques, rehabilitation strategies, and more.

    Are there online options for continuing education in physical therapy?

    Yes, there are online options available for those wishing to pursue continuing education in physical therapy. Many accredited organizations offer online learning opportunities that allow you to engage in self-paced study from the comfort of your home or office.

    Continuing education courses provide essential knowledge and skills needed to provide the highest standard of care for all patients served by a physical therapist. Through continued ongoing learning, therapists can hone existing skills while expanding their knowledge base as advancements occur within the field of Physical Therapy over time. In addition, completing these types of educational activities fulfills requirements for licensure renewal and serves as part of career advancement plans in many cases.

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