Pharmacy Schools In Michigan

Arif R Rahman | 18 March

Michigan is home to several highly respected Pharmacy Schools. Pharmacists need a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree to provide medication and health services, and these schools provide education at both the undergraduate and graduate level to those hoping to enter the field. Through their training and research efforts, these schools make a significant contribution to the health care industry in Michigan.

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1. University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
University of Michigan College of PharmacyContact Us · MyCOP · Directory; Prospective Students. Discover · Programs · Admissions. Current Students. What's Happening · Student Resources · Quick Links.

4. Pharmacy - Pre-Med and Health Science Center - Wayne State ...
Pharmacy - Pre-Med and Health Science Center - Wayne State ...There are 3 pharmacy schools within the state of Michigan: Wayne State, Ferris State, and the University of Michigan. The list of required classes for each ...

5. College of Pharmacy
College of PharmacyExplore the College of Pharmacy at Ferris State University. ... top Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programs with locations in Big Rapids and Grand Rapids MI.

8. Doctor of Pharmacy - Wayne State University
Doctor of Pharmacy - Wayne State University... science of pharmacy, to transform health care and enhance the lives of people and communities. Program flyer Admissions info sheet Pharmacy community cal.

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  • Which Michigan schools offer pharmacy programs?

    There are four universities in Michigan that grant pharmacy degrees: Ferris State University, Oakland University, Wayne State University, and Olivet Nazarene University.

    How long does it take to complete a pharmacy program?

    It takes about 6-8 years for students to finish their degree program which includes a pre-pharmacy preparatory program, 4 years of the professional program, and 1-2 years of residency or fellowship.

    What are the requirements for admission into a pharmacy school?

    Requirements may differ per school but generally speaking they require an accredited Bachelor’s degree in any field along with completion of prerequisite courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, pharmacology and other required courses. Additionally PharmCAS application along with letters of recommendation must be submitted.

    What do pharmacists do?

    Pharmacists play a critical role in helping people stay healthy by filling prescriptions; providing immunizations; offering patient counseling; monitoring patients’ drug therapy plans; preparing dialysis solutions; managing inventory control systems; teaching classes on drug usage; participating in organizations that safeguard public health policies; supervising technicians; answering questions regarding medications; consulting with other healthcare professionals on how best to use medications in order to achieve desired outcomes.

    What type of financial aid is available for pharmacy school?

    Financial aid options include scholarships, grants or loans from hospitals or organizations related to healthcare fields. You can also take advantage of federal student loan options such as Stafford loans or Perkins loans if you qualify as well as private loan options including alternative/private student loan options where credit approval is required. Non-traditional students may be eligible for special educational funding from employers or military organizations too.

    Studying at one of Michigan’s respected pharmacy schools provides potential pharmacists with the skills and credentials necessary for them to make important contributions to the health care industry locally and nationally. With many financial aid options available plus valuable resources offered by each school specifically tailored towards success within this dynamic field of study – aspiring pharmacist have more opportunities than ever before when it comes time for them to move forward with their college career pursuits.

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