National University Grading System And GPA Calculation

Arif R Rahman | 2 January

National University Grading System and GPA Calculation Process. Bangladesh National University is the largest university in the country as a number of people are currently enrolled in the university. The varsity provides a wide range of educational programs and holds high importance among the people all over the country. So understanding the grading system and GPA calculation process of National University is also equally important for both the students and people related to National University.

Bangladesh National University Grading System and GPA Calculation Process

Today we will be discussing National University Grading System and GPA calculation system along with all the necessary details. So please stay with us if you are interested in learning more about this topic. Someone people do not know how to a calculation GPA Marks. NU Published Examination Result in all year like the 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th-year in GPA System.

National University Grading System

The grading system is the process following which the educational institution of any country calculates the GPA of a student. Likewise all other universities, the NU also has a specific grading system. The details of NU Grading System is given below.
  • 80% or added number is counted as Grade A+ which holds GPA of 4
  • 75% to less than 80% is A grade which holds GPA of 3.75
  • 70% to less than 75% is A+ grade which holds GPA of 3.5
  • 65% to less than 70% is B+ grade which holds GPA of 3.25
  • 60% to less than 65% is B grade which holds GPA of 3.00
  • 55% to less than 60% carries GPA of 2.75 and termed as B- grade
  • 50% to less than 55% carries GPA of 2.50 and termed as C+ grade
  • 45% to less than 50% carries GPA of 2.25 and termed as C grade
  • 40% to less than 45% carries GPA of 2.00 and termed as D grade
  • Less than 40% mark will be termed as fail

National University GPA Calculation System

National University GPA Calculation can be done following a simple equation. The equation is stated below. GPA= (Total Grade Point Secured in a Year)/(Total Credit Completed in a Year) For example: if total grade point is 78 and total completed course credit is 26, then GPA will be 78/26= 3.00. National University Grading System GPA Calculation   Check National University GPA Calculation System. Must you have to know that National University is largest Public University in Bangladesh? The National University of Bangladesh All of Course Result Published in GPA System. You also find it on National University official website. Students and Guardians keep enjoying the article of National University Grading System and GPA Calculation. Thanks for staying with us so far.  To know more about these sort of topics, please visit us as much as you can.

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