Bangladesh Marine Academy Admission Circular 2023

Bangladesh Marine Academy Admission Circular 2023 Published on Bangladesh Marine Academy is one of the most designated institutions for students to get admitted. Every year thousands of students fight for limited number of seats to get admitted into Marine Academy of Bangladesh. Lucrative job offers after successful completion of the degree and short term study time are the main reason for students to fall for Bangladesh Marine Academy.

Bangladesh Marine Academy Admission Circular 2023

Bangladesh Marine Academy Admission Circular The admission circular for the 57th batch of the Marine Academy of Bangladesh for the year 2023 has been published. Details of the admission procedure will be discussed here.

Eligibility of Applicants

This year applicants will fight for 275 seats in the Marine Academy of Bangladesh. For this, they have to meet certain criteria. Applicants must be a student of science groups in both SSC and HSC and have to obtain a GPA of at least 3.5 in both SSC and HSC to get admitted into Bangladesh Marine Academy. However, they will have to get a minimum GPA of 3.5 in both Maths and Physics, 3.00 in English in HSC. If the GPA is less than 3.00 in English, the applicant can take IELTS and obtain at least 5.5 to be eligible for the admission test.

Requirements of Marine Academy 57th Batch

  • Age: The maximum age can be 21 years on December 31, 2023. For the age limit, no affidavit will be accepted.
  • Marital Status: Applicant must be unmarried.
  • Height: For a male, the minimum height is 5’4’’ while for female the range is 5’2’’.
  • Weight: Proportionate to BMI.
Application Process of  Marine Academy To apply, the applicant will have to download the registration fee deposit form for the Marine academy. It can be found this site Download. After that, follow the following procedure:
  • Deposit Tk.1100/- to any branch of Sonali Bank Limited with that form
  • The applicant will get an SMS with Tracking No within 24 hours
  • This Tracking no and applicant’s mobile no (use in the deposit form) will be used to login
  • Then the applicant will have to fill up the registration form
  • After that, the applicant will get the admit card
  • Then print the admit card
If the applicant lost the printed version of the admit card, he/she can reprint it. In that case, he/she have to login again using Tracking No and mobile no. Marine Academy of Bangladesh has given an email address in case applicants need any help. The address is: [email protected] Marine Academy 57th Batch Exam Details The total marks for the Marine Academy of Bangladesh admission test in 500. Marks are divided into several phases. Marine Academy allocated 320 marks for a written exam, 80 marks for viva while rest 100 marks will carry certificate marks in SSC and HSC. SSC and HSC exam will carry 50 marks each. The written exam will have four subjects. They are Physics, Math, English, and General Knowledge. There will be a total 200 MCQs and each will carry 1.6 marks. Viva-voce will be divided into five sections and each will have 16 marks. The sections are personality, speech, and expression, intelligence, knowledge and extracurricular activities.

Exam Result of Marine Academy 57th Batch

The exam result of the 57th batch of Marine Academy Bangladesh will be published in 2023. As soon as the result will be out, we will publish the result here. Check BD Marine Academy Admission Circular 2023. We publish the latest admission test circular of universities, admission results, job circulars of different banks, organizations, and government-run institutions here ( ). Stay with us for all kind of latest results.

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