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Arif R Rahman | 11 March

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh. Gold is undoubtedly one of the most precious elements found on earth. The rate of gold is always important, especially in this part of the world at it always has great importance among the people. Today, in this article, we will let you know all the details of gold rate in Bangladesh. We can assure you that, this will be an informative one as you will be flooded with information related to gold price in our country. So, if you are interested enough, please continue reading the article here on our site to know more on this particular topic.

 Gold Rate in 2023

Gold price is something which cannot be determined as a fixed entity. It fluctuates every now and then and depends on lots of issues. So, it can be said that when one speaks about gold price, he or she possibly refers to the approximate price as it can be varied even with the difference of just 24 hours. Based on our recent data and analysis, the price can be outlined just like this:
  • There is an official body who finalizes the gold rate in Bangladesh. In short, it is called Bajus or Bangladesh Jewelers Somiti.
  • Currently, the rate of Gold per Vori and carat is based on its purity and an official press release was released by the authorized body that denotes and fixes the gold price.
  • The rate depends on gold carats which is the measurement unit of the purity of the gold.
  • According to the latest update, 22 carat gold with hallmark is 7060 taka per gram.
  • The rate is based on gram and it reduces with the reeducation of the Carates which is actually the purity of the gold. For example, 21 carat is 6740 taka per gram and 18 carat is 5780 takas as per as the press release.
We provide Today Gold price in Bangladesh according to BAJUS of 11 October 2023. Gold Price Today in Bangladesh
No  Weight  Carat Price
1 Per Gram GOLD (Sanatan) 4730 BDT
2 Per Gram 18 Carat Gold 5700 BDT
3 Per Gram 21 Carat Gold 6655 BDT
4 Per Gram 22 Carat Gold 6970 BDT
5 Per Gram 24 Carat Gold 7540 BDT

Today Gold Price Per Vori in Bangladesh

When a buyer decides to buy gold from the shop or the market, the price is then fixed on basis of Vori. According to the latest estimation, the rate per Vori of gold was set as 81,298 Taka. It should be noted that the price is adjusted last on September 2023 and the rate was actually reduced to a small extent due to some external issues. But we all know that the rate of gold actually increases most of the time. So, the number might increase in near future. Also, the price of 81,000 Taka is for gold with almost 100% purity. At times, we buy gold which is mixed with other elements and purity level is not 100%. In this type of case, the price can be lower than the above-mentioned amount. So, please check on a regular basis to know the exact rate of gold as it changes frequently. Finally, Get all the updates of gold price in Bangladesh and related things here on our site. Stay connected and stay updated. Don’t forget to bookmark our site and visit on regular basis.
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