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Arif R Rahman | 16 March

Welcome to our today’s content. Here in this article, we will discuss on Dhaka Stock Exchange which is more commonly known as DSE. Dhaka Stock Exchange is by far the most important go to place for stock-related trading in Bangladesh as there are only two stock exchanges that runs at full speed in this country. DSE Latest Share Price Today of Dhaka Stock Exchange. To know more on Dhaka Stock Exchange, share price, stock updates, timetables, and more, please continue reading more here on our site. Key Notes on Dhaka Stock Exchange
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange is one of the most important trading places in Bangladesh.
  • It was founded in 1954 and over the last 68 years, it has been the primary place in terms of share market exchanges in our country.
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange has a combined market capitalization of 68 billion dollars as per as the estimation of last year.
  • Number of listing available on Dhaka Stock Exchange is 625 according to Wikipedia.
  • DSE board is consist of members from Bangladesh Bank, ICB, and other business and related chambers of Bangladesh.
  • The stock exchange is open for trading from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 2:30 pm according to BST.
  • Current chairperson of Dhaka Stock Exchange is Md. Eunusur Rahman.
  • The stock exchange is basically a public limited company and it is formed and managed under Company Act of 1994., Security and Exchange Commission Act 1993 and few other related laws.
  • Stock exchange in Dhaka Stock Exchange is often linked with huge market risks and the last collapse of Share Market happened on 2010 December and January 2011 where millions of investors became bankrupt as a horrific result of the crash.
Dhaka Stock Exchange Trading Time DSE Latest share price update news. There is specific time for stock exchange in DSE as I mentioned above. It is active from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am Bangladesh time to 2:30 pm. Friday and Saturday are the off time. The time is maintained strictly and one need to follow in if he or she wants to do trade in Dhaka Stock Exchange. During the holy month of Ramadan, the time is changed and the exchange time is usually 10 am to 2 pm.

Dhaka Stock Exchange Share Price

DSE Latest Share Price It is a most important term to know and understand when it comes to sharing market operations. To work and get dividends from Dhaka Stock Exchange, one needs to have clear idea on Share price and regular updates of it. It should be noted that DSE’s latest share price is based on estimation and it can be done by taking calculative risk and related analysis. According to Wikipedia, the issued capital of a company can be as much as 500,000 and it can be divided up to 250 shares where each share will be of Tk. 2000.
LTP: LTP means Last Traded Price YCP: YCP stands for Yesterday’s Closing Price CLOSEUP: Closing Price
No firm can buy more than one share as it is mentioned in the share market rule. Only the enlisted companies and members can participate on the floor which is used to buy and sell shares in Dhaka Stock Exchange. In addition to that, you need to understand trade code to get an assumption of high and low points of a share price and also some important terms like- LTP (Last Traded Price), YCP (Yesterday’s Closing Price), and Close Up or Closing Price are also important. We will suggest you research these terms to have more ideas on this.

DSE Latest Share News, Price, and Tips

DSE Latest Share Price Today

After that, one needs to know and get all the updates of Dhaka Stock Exchange latest share news and price. If you really want to become an investor and invest on Dhaka Stock Exchange, it will be highly recommended to know and find out the sources which will give you correct ideas or forecast on everyday share price or the latest share price on Dhaka Stock Exchange. Without the knowledge, it is just a gamble in it often brings about high risks and disasters as well just like what happened in late 2010 or early 2011. Share market is a place where you will see great ups and downs. It is often termed as the fight between ‘Bear and Bull’ where the bear gang always try to make the DSE Latest share price down and the opposite gang or the bulls will try to uplift the price. It creates high risk and so much of fluctuations that it is almost impossible to predict whether the value will rise or fall without in-depth knowledge on the subject. For example, at times it is seen that there is a giant leaf of a particular share price of a company. Often people tend to buy shares when they see this and unfortunately one fine morning it gets collapsed within just a few hours. It is basically a high-risk- high-gain strategical place and our best possible suggestion for you would be- deploy your attention and thirst for knowledge into this if you really want to be successful. Otherwise, it will appear as just a gamble and such activities will bring no joy to you.

Top 30 DSE Latest Share by Trading Code

Dhaka Stock Exchange Shares, Trading Code, and Information To get the share price, trading code, and all other details including the index and total trade, please follow the website of Dhaka Stock Exchange which is given below: You will have the trading code, LTP, Change, YCP or all other related terms and numbers as mentioned earlier in this discussion along with all the indexes and index graphs. That can be a good place to learn more about DSE trading and trading patterns. Finally, To get the latest share price of the Dhaka Stock Exchange in Bangladesh. To know more on DSE and trade-related kinds of stuff, please bookmark our site and don’t forget to visit us on our site. You will get all the other information on different topics as well. So, stay connected and stay informed as information is the key in this new age.
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