Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) Ticket Buy Online

Arif R Rahman | 13 March

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) Ticket Buy Online on This year the authority has made available Dhaka Trade Fair online ticketing and QR code scanning ticketing services for the 26th edition of DITF 2023. Dhaka Trade Fair which is also known as the DITF is the largest job fair in the capital Dhaka and so far it has been the most hyped one as well.

Dhaka International Trade Fair Ticket Buy Online |

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) Ticket Buy Online The fair has become a part and parcel for the dwellers of Dhaka city and people from different walks of life take part in it with the utmost please and attention. Likewise every year, the Dhaka International Trade Fair has also been started very recently. This time it has been a bit late to be started due to the general election which was held a few days ago. As the Dhaka Trade Fair is being crowded by many people, you are surely on the line to visit the place at least once in these upcoming days. To make your travel a bit easier, here we will be providing you with all the details of Dhaka Int. Trade Fair online ticket purchasing options. How to Purchase Dhaka International Trade Fair Ticket? The government of Bangladesh has taken the step to avail of the online ticketing process in the Dhaka Trade Fair 2023. The ticketing process is based on QR code scanning and the process has already been kicked off. To get the advantage of this process one will have to visit the following web address. Dhaka International Trade Fair ticket prices are as follows
  • Adult per person 30 taka
  • Child per person 20 taka
You have to purchase tickets from the site and the payment can be done using a mobile phone which means you can use several banking cards to make the payment. For QR code scanning, the visitors can scan it at the entrance of DITF, and then the tickets will be available to them.

DITF Creating Job Opportunities

Dhaka International Trade Fair is such a place that offers a lot of job opportunities, especially for the students. More than 200 countries’ products are made available here and there are more or less 180+ pavilions on which the buying and selling process is run. So, it can be said that Dhaka International Trade Fair makes a fair deal of opportunities for a number of people who want a job on a contract basis for the month. Get all the updates of DITF here on our site. Stay connected, stay informed.

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