How To Buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online

By Arif R Rahman

How to Buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online on Bangladesh Railway is the safest and most desired communication medium in Bangladesh. Every time there is a scarcity of tickets for the Railway, especially during different occasions including Eid, Puja, etc. But many of you don’t know that you can buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online sitting from your home. To Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online, you have to follow this site

How to Buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online From

Buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online Today we will show you in detail how to open an account and buy a ticket from Bangladesh Railway Online.

How to Create an Account for Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online

To buy Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket, first you have to create an account in Bangladesh Railway. Follow the steps below to create your account with Bangladesh Railway.
  • First, go to
  • Then you will see a ‘User Sign In’ form. There you will find Sign Up below the Sign In option
  • If you already have an account, you will put your details and click sign in
  • If you want to create an account, click on Sign Up
  • Then you will find a form with many options including ‘passenger name’, ‘email address, ‘password’ etc
  • Fill in all the option
  • At last, give the security code
  • Then click ‘Register’
  • A confirmation link will be sent to your email. Click on that and your account will be created

How to Buy Online Tickets from Bangladesh Railway

Now that you have created your account, log in with your details. After login, follow the following process:
  • After login, you will see many options
  • If you want to know the ticket fare, click on ‘Fare Query’. If you want to know about the routes of the train, click on ‘Train Route’
  • Now we will buy a ticket. So click on ‘Purchase Ticket’
  • After that, you will have four options. ‘Station From’ means from where you will catch the train, ‘Station To’ means where you will go, ‘Journey Date’ is the date you will travel, and at last ‘Class’ means which class you want to travel, AC/Shovonetc
  • Fill in all these options and then click ‘Search Train’
  • Then you will find all the available trains and time
  • At the right, you will have two options, ‘Auto Selection’ and ‘Seat Selection’
  • If you give auto selection, your seat will be chosen automatically
  • You can choose the seats you want by clicking on ‘Seat Selection’
  • Select your seat and then proceed to the payment option. It is shown below

Payment Process of Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online

At last, you will have to make a payment. You can choose payment options from ‘Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking’, ‘DBBL Nexus Card’, ‘Visa Card’, ‘Master Card’, ‘American Express’ or ‘Brac Bank’ cards. Just make the payment and your ticket will be sent to your email account.

How to Collect Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online

The soft copy of the Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket will be sent to your email in PDF format. If you will visit by train, then just print the ticket and nothing else is needed. If you bought the ticket and your parents/relatives will visit, then print the ticket and show it at the ticket counter, then you will get the ticket. To know more about the Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket, please visit Also, visit us at for more details in the future.
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