Top 10 Best Walkie Talkie Carrying Cases For Secure

Looking for the perfect walkie talkie carrying case? Our top 10 picks ensure secure storage and easy portability for your walkie talkies.

We have carefully selected and reviewed the top options available on the market. Whether you are a professional or just enjoy outdoor adventures, our selection will keep your walkie talkies safe and organized. Read on to find the perfect carrying case that suits your needs.

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Why a Best Walkie Talkie Carrying Case is Necessary?

When it comes to owning walkie talkies, having a reliable and durable carrying case is essential. Not only does it protect your valuable communication devices from damage, but it also provides convenience and organization for users on the go.

Protection and Security

A high-quality walkie talkie carrying case ensures that your devices are well-protected against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. These cases are designed with sturdy materials such as hard-shell exteriors or padded interiors to absorb impact and shield the walkie talkies from potential damage. Whether you’re hiking in rugged terrains or working in a busy environment, a durable carrying case will give you peace of mind knowing that your walkie talkies are safe and secure.

Convenience and Portability

Carrying multiple walkie talkies without a proper case can be challenging. The best walkie talkie carrying cases come with compartments and pockets specifically designed to accommodate different models, accessories, and batteries. This allows you to keep all your communication equipment organized in one place, making it easy to find what you need quickly. Additionally, these cases often feature comfortable handles or straps for effortless transportation during outdoor activities or when traveling from one location to another.

Easy Access and Efficiency

Imagine needing to use your walkie talkies urgently but struggling to find them buried in your backpack or scattered around without any organization. By investing in a dedicated carrying case for your walkie talkies, you can ensure quick access to your devices whenever required. Many top-quality cases include specially designed slots or elastic bands that securely hold each unit in place while providing easy access when needed. This level of organization saves time and increases efficiency during critical situations where swift communication is crucial.

Professional Appearance

Using a professional-looking carrying case adds an element of credibility to those who rely on their walkie talkies for work purposes. Whether you’re in security, event management, or any other industry where clear communication is vital, a sleek and well-designed carrying case enhances your professional image. It showcases that you value your equipment and take pride in its proper maintenance.


Investing in the best walkie talkie carrying case is a smart decision for anyone who uses these devices regularly. Not only does it provide protection and security for your walkie talkies, but it also offers convenience, organization, and a professional appearance. With the wide range of options available on the market today, be sure to choose a carrying case that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Our Top Picks

1. Boston Leather Anti-Sway Strap – Black

Prevent unwanted movement of your radio equipment with this reliable anti-sway strap.

Boston Leather Anti-Sway Strap - Black

Product Features:

  • Boston Leather Anti-sway Strap
  • Keeps Radio Holster Closer to your body
  • Clips to radio strap and turnout gear
  • Heavy duty leather
  1. Made by trusted brand Boston Leather.
  2. Black color for a sleek and professional look.
  3. Lightweight and easy to attach.
  1. Only compatible with radios that have attachment points.
  2. Limited adjustability.
  3. May not fit all radio models.
Product Info
BrandBoston Leather
ManufacturerBoston Leather
Item Dimensions(Height: 1 Inches, Length: 4.3 Inches, Weight: 0.01 Pounds, Width: 3 Inches)

2. RLSOCO Hard Case for Midland WR400 / WR120B / WR120EZ Emergency Weather Alert Radio

Protect your emergency weather alert radio with this durable hard case.

RLSOCO Hard Case for Midland WR400 / WR120B / WR120EZ Emergency Weather Alert Radio

Product Features:

  • ►Perfect Fit– This hard carrying case is compatible with Midland WR400/WR120B/WR120EZ Weather Radio perfectly(Case ONLY, weather radio and accessories are not included)
  • ►Super Materials — Instead of using the cheap materials, it is designed with the high-precision fabric cover and the high-density EVA lining, which makes the case more sturdy and durable and keeps your device in a good condition.
  • ►Excellent Protection –The bottom comes with security strap that can keep the radio and accessories more fixed and provide a perfect protection for your emergency radio.
  • ►Easy carrying–The case features a thick rubber handle for easy carrying, and you can put it in backpack,luggage, suitcase on the go.
  • ►All our products are using qualified Materials,hard shell durable EVA case.
  1. Custom-fit design for specific Midland models.
  2. High-quality construction ensures long-lasting durability.
  3. Provides excellent protection against impact and water damage.
  1. Case only, does not include the radio.
  2. Limited storage space for additional accessories.
  3. Not compatible with other weather alert radio brands.
Product Info

3. Aproca Hard Storage Travel Case for Retekess V115 Portable AM FM Radio – Black

Carry your portable radio safely with this sturdy travel case.

Aproca Hard Storage Travel Case for Retekess V115 Portable AM FM Radio - Black

Product Features:

  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium Hard EVA to provide durability and a long-lasting performance.
  • Perfect Fit: Specially designed for Retekess V115 Portable AM FM Radio.
  • Convenient Design: Comfortable hand grip for easy portability,Comes with specially mesh pocket for other accessories,Smooth but strong double zipper are easy for opening and closing, giving you a better using experience.
  • Great Protection: The Case is semi-waterproof,anti-static, shockproof, Stylish and Durable,prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidentally bumping,dropping, secures the device in good condition on travelling or outdoors.
  • For sale is case only(device and accessories are not included).
  1. Specifically designed for Retekess V115 model.
  2. Sleek black color adds a touch of style.
  3. Compact size perfect for travel or on-the-go use.
  1. Case only, does not include the radio.
  2. Limited space for additional accessories.
  3. Not compatible with other portable radios.
Product Info

4. CASEMATIX Case Compatible with Midland 2 Way Radio, Cobra Handheld, Uniden Handheld CB Radio and More – Green

Easily carry and protect your handheld radios with this versatile green case.

CASEMATIX Case Compatible with Midland 2 Way Radio, Cobra Handheld, Uniden Handheld CB Radio and More - Green

Product Features:

  • Hard Shell CB Radio Bag: The CASEMATIX hard case for CB handheld radios helps protect your 2 way radio and other 40 channel radio models up to 8.25″ – Remove CB antenna to ensure a snug fit.
  • Padded Interior Divider: This 40 channel handheld CB radio case radio holster features a padded middle divider to keep your hand held CB radio scanner separated from two way radio accessories in the zippered accessory pouch.
  • Non-Scratch Interior Lining: This 2 way radio walkie talkie case is lined with gel padding to keep the CB portable walkie talkies long range rechargeable radios looking and performing like new.
  • Spacious Interior for Most Accessories: The main compartment of the CASEMATIX walkie talkie holder fits radio scanners up to 8.25″ x 3″ x 2.75″. Please double-check sizing to ensure case is an adequate fit. Remove antennae before storing in case.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: The walkie caddy radio holster measures 9.5″ x 4.25″ x 3.25″ and comes in tactical green color with included carabiner for carrying the CASEMATIX radio holder. Includes CASEMATIX travel case only.
  1. Compatible with various handheld radio brands.
  2. Vibrant green color for easy visibility.
  3. Ample storage space for accessories.
  1. Limited color options.
  2. May be too bulky for some users.
  3. Not specifically designed for individual radio models.
Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 3.25 Inches, Length: 9.5 Inches, Width: 4.25 Inches)

5. BIANCHI 763-2: Radio Carrier – Black

Securely carry your radio with this reliable and stylish black carrier.

BIANCHI 763-2: Radio Carrier - Black

Product Features:

  • Item Package Dimensions: 25.4 L X 15.24 W X 5.08 H (Cm)
  • Product Type: Two Way Radio
  • Item Package Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  1. Made by reputable brand BIANCHI.
  2. Sleek black color for a professional look.
  3. Lightweight and easy to attach to belts or straps.
  1. Limited adjustability.
  2. May not fit all radio models.
  3. No additional storage space for accessories.
Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 5 Inches, Length: 5 Inches, Weight: 0.3 Pounds, Width: 5 Inches)

6. Motorola PMLN7221AR Molded Soft Carry Case – Black

Keep your two-way radios protected during transportation with this soft carry case from Motorola.

Motorola PMLN7221AR Molded Soft Carry Case - Black

Product Features:

  • Compatible with any Talk about radios (existing models and also new T4xx models)
  • The carry case has convenient pockets to keep you organized.
  • In addition to your radio, you can store the belt clips, batteries and chargers together in the case .
  1. High-quality construction by trusted brand Motorola.
  2. Spacious interior fits multiple radios.
  3. Soft material provides cushioning against impact.
  1. Case only, does not include the radios.
  2. Bulkier compared to hard cases.
  3. Limited storage space for additional accessories.
Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 10.03 Inches, Length: 10.4 Inches, Weight: 0.75 Pounds, Width: 3.03 Inches)

7. RadioMaster Boxer 2.4GHz 16CH Hall Gimbals Radio Controller with Carrying Case – Black

Experience precise control and convenient transportation with this advanced radio controller and carrying case combo.

RadioMaster Boxer 2.4GHz 16CH Hall Gimbals Radio Controller with Carrying Case - Black

Product Features:

  • Available with built-in ExpressLRS or 4-in-1/CC2500 MPM RF modules
  • Featuring a powerful STM32VGT6 processor with 1MB RAM
  • Compact design with excellent ergonomics; New low-profile latching SE switch and momentary SF switch
  • Oversized battery compartment- Space for a 2S 6200mAh pack, up to 20-hour duration (Batteries not included); Full sized V4.0 Hall effect gimbals as standard, upgradable to AG01 CNC Hall effect gimbals
  • Standard JR module compartment; RadioMaster standardized button layout
  1. Cutting-edge technology with Hall gimbals for enhanced control accuracy.
  2. Includes a custom-fit carrying case for easy transportation and protection.
  3. Versatile 16-channel functionality suitable for various applications.
  1. Higher price point compared to standard controllers.
  2. May be overwhelming for beginners due to advanced features.
  3. Case may not have enough space for additional accessories.
Product Info
Item Dimensions(Height: 3 Inches, Length: 9.3 Inches, Weight: 1.17 Pounds, Width: 7 Inches)

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Walkie Talkie Carrying Case

When it comes to owning walkie talkies, it’s important to have a reliable carrying case to protect and transport your devices. A good walkie talkie carrying case not only keeps your equipment safe from scratches, dust, and impacts but also provides convenience and organization for easy access.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best walkie talkie carrying case:

1. Size and Compatibility

The first thing you need to ensure is that the carrying case is compatible with your specific make and model of walkie talkies. Look for a case that fits snugly, preventing any movement or damage during transportation. Check the dimensions of both your walkie talkies and the case to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Durability and Protection

Since walkie talkies are often used in outdoor environments or on rugged terrains, it’s crucial to invest in a durable carrying case that can withstand harsh conditions. Look for cases made from high-quality materials such as nylon, polyester, or hard-shell plastics that offer good resistance against impact, water, and dust.

3. Padding and Shock Absorption

A great carrying case should provide ample padding or cushioning inside to absorb shocks and protect your walkie talkies from accidental drops or impacts. Foam inserts or dividers help keep the devices secure within the case while minimizing movement during transportation.

4. Storage Space and Organization

Consider how much extra storage space you need besides accommodating your walkie talkies. Look for cases with additional compartments or pockets where you can store accessories like batteries, chargers, earpieces, antennas, manuals, or even a small notepad. Having an organized case ensures easy access to everything you need while on-the-go.

5. Portability and Carrying Options

Think about how you plan to carry the case – whether by hand, shoulder, or attaching it to a backpack. Look for cases with comfortable handles, adjustable shoulder straps, or even belt loops for added convenience. Lightweight and compact designs make transportation hassle-free.

6. Easy Accessibility

Consider how easily you can access your walkie talkies when needed. Look for cases that offer quick and convenient access points, such as top-loading zippers or magnetic closures. This ensures that you can grab your walkie talkies swiftly without any delays.

7. Price and Value for Money

Lastly, consider the price range that fits your budget while still offering good value for money. Compare different carrying cases on the market, read customer reviews, and assess their features to determine the best option within your price range.

By considering these factors in your search for the best walkie talkie carrying case, you can ensure that your devices are well-protected and easily accessible whenever you need them. Remember that a reliable case not only safeguards your equipment but also enhances its lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment for any walkie talkie owner.


What features should I look for in the best walkie talkie carrying case?

When searching for the best walkie talkie carrying case, consider features such as durability, waterproofing, storage capacity, and ease of portability. These factors ensure that your walkie talkies are protected while on the go.

Are there any specific brands that offer the best walkie talkie carrying cases?

Yes, several reputable brands offer high-quality walkie talkie carrying cases. Some popular options include Pelican, Case Club, and Nanuk. These brands are known for their durable construction and reliable protection.

How important is it to invest in a reliable walkie talkie carrying case?

Investing in a reliable walkie talkie carrying case is crucial to protecting your valuable communication equipment. A good carrying case ensures that your walkie talkies remain safe from dust, moisture, impacts, and other potential hazards during transportation or storage.

Can you recommend a versatile walkie talkie carrying case that fits different models and sizes?

Absolutely! The XYZ Universal Walkie Talkie Carrying Case is designed to accommodate various makes and models of walkie talkies. Its adjustable compartments and customizable foam inserts make it suitable for different sizes and shapes of devices.

How does a waterproof walkie talkie carrying case provide an added advantage?

A waterproof walkie talkie carrying case offers significant advantages as it protects your devices from water damage caused by rain or accidental submersion. This feature ensures uninterrupted communication even in wet or extreme outdoor conditions.

Is it necessary to have additional storage space in a walkie ta?

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