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Arif R Rahman | 18 March

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a standardized, multiple-choice examination used to assess an applicant’s preparedness for medical school. It is one of the primary components of admissions decisions made by medical schools. Finding the right prep course can be critical to success on the exam, which makes researching and selecting the best MCAT prep course vital. Reddit has proven to be an excellent source of information when it comes to finding quality MCAT prep courses.

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  • What type of instruction options are available in an MCAT prep course?

    The types of instruction that are offered in MCAT Prep Courses vary depending on the individual program. Many will offer online classes with preset video lectures, practice tests and quizzes as well as access to tutors or advisors. Some courses also offer live virtual instruction with experts and/or mentors who can provide advice and answer questions.

    Is it better to use an individual tutor or join a group course?

    The best option for you depends on your learning style. Joining a group course will give you access to a wider range of resources and provide more accountability from other students taking the same course. However, if you prefer more personalized attention or have specific questions about certain topics, then an individual tutor may be more beneficial.

    How much time should I dedicate each week to studying for the MCAT?

    The amount of time dedicated towards studying for the MCAT should depend on your own unique circumstances such as how much time you have available and how quickly you learn material. Most courses recommend dedicating at least 10 hours per week towards preparing for the exam, spread out over several days.

    Are there any free resources available to help prepare me for the MCAT?

    Yes! There are several free resources available online that can help with preparing for the MCAT such as practice tests, information from medical schools regarding accepted applicants’ average scores, sample essays and more. Be sure to take advantage of these resources when studying for this important exam!

    Are there any discounts available when purchasing an MCAT prep course?

    Many online companies offer discounts when purchasing their prep courses, so it's always worth investigating beforehand whether there are any discounts available at the moment or whether they have promotional codes that can reduce costs further. Additionally, some organizations offer scholarships which can be used towards purchasing preparation materials or even taking preparation classes altogether - these are definitely worth looking into!

    With all of this information in mind, it's clear that researching and selecting a high-quality MCAT Prep Course is essential for success on this important standardized exam. Answering these FAQs has provided insight into what type of instruction is offered in a good pre-course program, how much time needs to be dedicated each week towards studying, where free resources may be found and whether any discounts are available when purchasing one's own personalized preparation package; all together illustrating why Reddit is such a great source for discovering quality prepping opportunities!

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