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Arif R Rahman | 3 March

44th BCS Preli Result 2023 | Bangladesh Public Service Commission – BPSC will publish soon 44th BCS Preliminary Exam Result 2023. Bangladesh Civil Service Exam is commonly known as BCS exam here in our country. With any doubt BCS exam is the most important public exams of Bangladesh which is taken every year to recruit Government employees in different sectors. Check 44th BCS Preliminary Examination Result 2023.

44th BCS Preli Result 2023 |

BCS Preli Result The process of 41th BCS is already going on and the Preliminary exam has already been taken. The proceedings will run faster this time as the processes of 45th and 46th BCS are also going on or will be started very soon. Amidst this today we will tell you about 44th BCS Preli Result 2023 and related things. Please stay connected with us to know more related to 44th BCS Preli Result 2023.  The next portion of the article will cover 44th BCS exam stuffs including the Preliminary exam and result.

About 44th BCS Preliminary Exam

We all know that the process of BCS is basically divided into three parts. The Preliminary Exam, Written Test and Viva. 44th BCS Preliminary Exam has already been taken. Which means the first phase of 44th BCS have already been completed apart from the result. Our today’s topic will cover 44th BCS Preliminary Exam in a more details way. First of all, let’s talk about 44th BCS Circular. The circular of 44th BCS was issued in the earlier part of 2023.  To be very specific the 40th BCS circular was published on March, 2023.  The date of BCS was announced later. Candidates were given the chance to apply for a certain period of time for the Preliminary exam. After all the procedures, 44th BCS Preliminary Exam was held on March 29, 2023 just few days ago. The exam was started from 10 am on that day. Before that the candidates were given the chance to get the assigned seats and get used to with the condition of exam center. The exam was started at 10 am on that day. That was a 2 hours long exam. The exam was ended at 12 pm on April 29, 20230. The exam was a 200 marks worth exam. 44th BCS Preliminary Exam was basically MCQ based. Each right answer carried 1 mark while wrong answer was penalized as well. To be more specific each wrong answer carried 0.5 marks of deduction. The question paper covered different sorts of subject following the traditional way of BCS Preliminary exam. The details of BCS preliminary exam covered subjects and areas are as follows.
  • Bengali Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Bangladesh Affairs
  • International Affairs
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Environment and Disaster Management
  • Conceptual question
  • Ethics, values and Good Governance
All the questions of the 44th BCS Preliminary Exam was from these subjects and candidate had to take preparation from this. As the exam is already done, the next phase will be 4th BCS Preliminary Exam Result which will be followed by written exam and viva. All the details of 44th BCS Preliminary Exam result have been added later. Please continue to read.

44th BCS Preliminary Exam Result 2023

44th BCS Preli Result has not been announced so far. As the exam was taken place on April 29, 2023, it will take certain period of time to check the result and prepare the final result. As per as the news from different sources, 44th BCS Preliminary Exam Result will be published very soon. The exam result will be published here on our site as we are covering all the procedures of 41th BCS exam along with all other exams as well. So to get 44th BCS Preliminary Exam result, keep your eyes here .

About 44th BCS Written and Viva Exam

The next phase id 44th BCS Written exam. The dates of the written and viva exams have not been announced so far. The processes of Written and Viva exams will be started immediately after the publishing of 44th BCS preliminary result. We will let you know as soon as we get any update about it. To get all the updates of 44th BCS and all other public job and exams, please bookmark our website and visit as much as you can. Thanks for your stay here on our site.
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