11th National Parliament Election Result Of Bangladesh

Arif R Rahman | 13 March

11th National Parliament Election Result of Bangladesh. The eleventh parliament election of Bangladesh is knocking at the door and people of different walks of the country are eagerly waiting to vote their preferable candidates in the election. The 11th parliament election will carry the highest importance in terms of national issue as it will define how the country will progress in upcoming days. Will the country witness the continuity of current Awami League led government or there will be a change in power.

Bangladesh 11th National Parliament Election Result 2023

Awami League BNP
Well, we all have to wait for it as it will be fixed based on the 11th parliament election result. Keeping that in mind today we will let you know all the details of 11th Parliament Election Result of Bangladesh. 11th Parliament Election Timeline The schedule of 11th Parliament Election was announced few days ago. According to the first announced date, the election was supposed to be held on December 23. But due to some emergencies and valid reasons, the date of 11th Parliament Election was postponed and rescheduled on December 30, 2023. The exact timeline of 11th Parliament Election is as follows:
  • The last date to submit nomination paper was November 28, 2023
  • Nomination papers were then sorted on December 2 while the last date to withdraw the paper was December 9, 2023
  • Candidates were given the chance to continue the publicity ahead of 11th Parliament Election till December 28
  • The 11th Parliament Election will take place finally on December 30, 2023

Key Notes on 11th National Parliament Election

  • Number of total voter is 10,41,90,480
  • Number of male voter is 5,25,47,329 while female are 5,16,43,151
  • Total allocated seat is 300
  • Election Commission Official Website :

11th National Parliament Election Result 2023

The result of 11th National Parliament Election will come to light just after a few hours after the completion of the vote casting. The presiding officer of each center will count the votes and the winner of a center will be announced by this. So, the overall circumstances of 11th parliament election will be known one by one based on the seats. All the media including tv channels, newspapers, radio etc will provide the updates of 11th National Parliament Election Result 2023. We will also let you know all the updates as soon as possible. Stay connected with us and allow us to let you know all the necessary updates.

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